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‘Immaculate from Creation’ #ProdiguerBrands

Prodiguer Brands | Luxury Fine Wines & SpiritsJULIET Immaculate Vodka is the latest release from luxury wine and spirits creator, Shammi Shinh, head of Prodiguer Brands. The luxury vodka has recently appeared at global A-list events, as the brand held a series of pre launch parties in New York City, Barcelona, Paris, Sweden and London.

Officially launched in Monte Carlo, Monaco 2014 during the prestigious, Formula One Grand Prix weekend at the exclusive Ermanno Palace Penthouse, an ideal platform for the luxury vodka to make a formal introduction. To add to the launch, the brand released a range of Collectors Edition bottles with artwork from renowned New York City based artist Sue Tsai. Artwork is based around the F1 and the Brazil World Cup 2014.

Shinh has cleverly separated JULIET from competitors by creating a vodka from a boutique production process ensuring the highest quality vodka, which boasts the following seven USP’s:


The vodka weights in at 43% ALC. VOL / 86 PROOF. According to the British brand, they are happy to pay the government a few more pounds on duty fees by creating a stronger vodka if it means producing at better quality. 


The vodka is only 1 TIMES DISTILLED. As the vodka is handcrafted in small batches they are able to create pure vodka from the offset, avoiding having to multiple distill. ‘There is no need for a second or third distillation, as we don’t allow any impurities to enter from the start, it is simply not an option’, says Shammi.


The vodka is GLUTEN FREE. By using high quality sugar beet, which the brand ferments in-house, gluten is avoided. The sweetness of the sugar beet also levels out the strong 43% alc. vol, leaving smooth vanilla notes.


The vodka REQUIRES NO ADDITIONAL FILTRATION, as it is purified in Copper pot stills during distillation. The brand makes a point of steering clear from gimmicks, ’There is no need to filter through bones, crystals or gold, we confidently purify our vodka without any marketing gimmicks’.


The vodka is 100% BRITISH, with its own JULIET distillery based in the South of England, United Kingdom.


The vodka is carefully HANDCRAFTED IN SMALL BATCHES, which means each detail is controlled, resulting in a high-end luxury product.


JULIET Vodka proudly boasts the creation of a new quality grade vodka, ‘IMMACULATE’, the grade created by Shammi Shinh and accepted by global industry professionals. The category bypasses, by far, the Premium, Super Premium and Ultra Premium graded brands.


Unrivalled JULIET Immaculate Vodka, is meticulously produced using only the finest British homegrown ingredients. A boutique production process where the finest quality, immaculate vodka is created by only one distillation from the best quality sugar beet. Creating an experience of luxurious elegance representing an immaculate vodka, from taste, design to brand.


The brand is very proud to use natural, non-toxic and renewable branded quality materials, such as wood top natural corks and tin foil capsules. 

Once each production run is tested and approved, bottles are all hand labelled, filled and sealed. 

Produced in the South of England at the JULIET distillery, JULIET Immaculate Vodka presents the exceptional quality expected from an independent producer.


Tasting Notes

Nose: Gives a homemade aroma, hints of light violets

Palate: Silky smooth luxury vanilla coating

Finish: Balanced sweet delicate aftertaste

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Prodiguer Brands Luxury Fine Wines & Spirits

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