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ICFF presents States of Design
ICFF, May 17-20: States of DesignDerek Chen launched Council, his San Francisco-based contemporary furniture company, at the ICFF in 2007. He has returned to the ICFF every year since then to present new designs – except for 2013. “The ICFF is the only place we introduce products,” says Chen. “So we’re very excited to be back.”

He curates his line carefully, casting a wide net for ideas. He culls the harvest just as carefully, with a primary emphasis on residential pieces. Why? He thinks people respond to furniture more emotionally in a residential setting: “Not one of us is passionate about our cubicle, but each of us has a lounge chair that we love.”

Chen has long felt that the U.S. is underrepresented in the landscape of global design. Most design aficionado can spot Scandinavian, Italian, and American mid-century pieces easily enough. But what does American design look like now? That’s the big existential question. His answer? A line that reflects both the American ethos and the current global economy: “Council is a melting pot of pieces by designers from around the world. Each one is comfortable in the company of American and European design classics. Each also expresses a uniquely American point of view.” And the common thread running through the many singularities? Quality, craftsmanship, authenticity, and good design.

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