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HM4 in stealth mode
As you know, at MB&F we love mechanical art in all its forms – and 2013 is off to a good start by those standards: in January we welcomed to the M.A.D.Gallery an exceptional clockmaker, Miki Eleta. In February we went into stealth mode with a very dark ‘Final Edition’ for the HM4 series… followed in March by a brand new photo exhibition by Maarten van der Ende, who has given new life to printing machines from the last century.
April looks pretty good too: look forward next week to a new MB&F Machine… and another mechanical surprise at Baselworld, which starts on April 24th!
On February 26th, the HM4 Final Edition took flight for the first time. Designed like a stealth jet fighter, it immediately set off red alerts around the world.
You may have noticed: airplanes designed with stealth technology usually look anything but inconspicuous – their unusual, angular shapes look like they’re made to actually attract your attention. The HM4 Final Edition is no exception: it takes direct inspiration from stealth aircraft and I think you’ll agree, it’s not exactly a discreet timepiece.
But why "Final Edition”? When the original, ground-breaking HM4 Thunderbolt was unveiled in 2010, we announced that only 100 HM4 movements would ever be manufactured. Today we have just 8 movements to go. This will definitely be the most difficult-to-catch HM4 of all, a very elusive Limited Edition of just 8 pieces deployed in only five airbases across the globe: The Hour Glass in Singapore, Westime in Los Angeles, Chronopassion in Paris, the Chronometryx alpine airstrip in Gstaad and MB&F’s M.A.D.Gallery home base in Geneva.
The HM4 Final Edition features square angular panels, dark surfaces and high-tech titanium. Black PVD provides the titanium with its shadowy cloak of concealment without blocking the light playing off the contrasting matte and highly polished surfaces. Inside, visible through the multiple sapphire crystal sections, beats the 311-component HM4 engine.
Believe it or not, Baselworld starts in just three weeks… From April 24th to May 2nd, Basel will be the world’s watchmaking capital. We look forward to yet another intense but gratifying 9 days with our friends from Urwerk, Speake-Marin and Christophe Claret – all united in "The Dream Factory”, at the entrance of the Palace Hall. If you’re at Baselworld, don’t hesitate to come and say hello… and if you’d like an appointment, please contact us rapidly at info@mbandf.com – even though the agenda is practically full, we still have a few available time slots.
Next to the complete collection of our Horological and Legacy Machines, we’ll also be unveiling a very special species: the very first MB&F Machine which does NOT give time! Watch this space on April 24th...
If you’re signed up for our M.A.D.Gallery newsletter, then you know about the amazing motorcycles created by our Japanese friend Chicara Nagata. We had the pleasure and honour of hosting three of his stunning bikes – Chicara Art I, III and IV – in Geneva for the last 8 months.
Their stay in Geneva was scheduled until the end of March. Chicara Art I and III have therefore embarked on their trip back to Kyushu, Japan… but to our great surprise and joy, Chicara Art IV will reside permanently in Switzerland, thanks to one of our customers.
And there’s more good news: Chicara Nagata has just sent us his latest masterpiece, Chicara Art V. A somewhat different type of animal, but just as stunning, this motorcycle was designed around a vintage 1954 Harley Davidson 883cc engine. Add about 1800 hours of meticulous work, and you get this low-slung, bronze-and-chrome "bopper”.
And if you aren’t in Dubai or Milano on April 9th, stay tuned on the internet to catch a piece of the action!
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