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HM3 goes Mega
do you make a best-seller even better? That’s the challenging question
we asked ourselves when we started working on a new generation of our
best-selling line, Horological Machine N°3.
Since 2009, the HM3 series has not only represented almost 40% of all
the MB&F pieces in circulation, it has also proven to be highly
versatile with a range of variations.

Our approach for this new
generation of HM3 was: take the most iconic elements of the series – the
winding rotor and the hour and minute domes – and re-engineer them!

The signature MB&F "battle axe”
rotor has become one of our most recognisable design elements, and it
was already one of the first things you noticed on the original HM3s:
thanks to the construction of the automatic movement, which is flipped
upside-down, the rotor is placed right on top of the case, perfectly
visible through a sapphire crystal. The new giant rotor has extended its
reach to the very limits of the case – giving this Machine its name,

The construction of the rotor
has changed too: previously crafted from one piece of gold, the new
rotor’s centre and arms are made of lightweight and tough titanium,
while the blades on both sides are 22k gold; the three pieces are firmly
riveted together.

The second very distinctive feature of HM3 is
the unmistakable hour and minute indication cones, which rise above the
case. They’ve been optimised too: taking inspiration from the HM3 Frog
variants, we’ve changed the previous static construction and opted for
revolving, paper-thin aluminium cones. Combined with much larger
numbers, this system improves legibility significantly (see below) – and
adds an extra dose of "kinetic” to the Machine.

The new MEGAWIND is available in red gold, with a
matching red gold rotor, or in white gold with a striking sky-blue
rotor. For all the details including high-res imagery and technical
specs, please click here.

by MB&F
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