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Heineken has unveiled a premium, design-focused lounge bar at London Design Festival, the latest chapter of its open innovation journey. Making its UK debut, the ‘Pop-up City Lounge’ is the second edition in the brand’s ‘Open Design Exploration’ series and was created by twenty young designers from across the globe, crafted in response to suggestions of what the ultimate lounge bar should be from tens of thousands of consumers, who shared inspirational images on Instagram.

Hidden behind the industrial, corrugated iron shell of two forty-foot shipping containers, the  ‘Pop-Up City Lounge’ is an intriguing space full of cutting-edge design features created to optimise the nightlife experience. The lounge is a product of the brand’s commitment to exploring social design, a concept that premieres this week in London before embarking on a tour of global nightlife hotspots.

Friday 19th September sees shortlisted designers from the ‘Heineken Iconic Bar Design Challenge’ presenting their work and views on bar design, revealing Europe’s most promising talent based in London. In addition, the Pop-up City Lounge will be hosting talks during the festival with leading design influencers, including Tom Dyckhoff, Victor Hugo Jimenez, Ricardo Casas and Mark Van Iterson, Head of Global Design at Heineken, amongst others. 

Launched last night, Thursday 18th September, in collaboration with TENT in the grounds of the Old Truman Brewery, the Lounge will be open in London until 21st September before travelling on a tour of global cities.

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