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Happy New Year from all of us at the Antwerp Diamond Trade Fair!

We hope that you had a great holiday season and that you are looking forward to making 2015 a successful year! In about four weeks, we'll have the pleasure of welcoming many of you once again in Antwerp, for the 6th edition of the ADTF. The organisers, Antwerp's three leading diamond bourses and some 90 exhibiting Antwerp diamond companies are eagerly looking forward to your arrival.

"The Magic World of Diamonds,"
A lecture by Marijan Dundek, Graff, London

Visitors to the ADTF will have the privilege to attend a breakfast seminar presented by Marijan Dundek, of GRAFF London, about fancy color diamonds, on February 2, 2015 at 8.30 am at the Radisson Hotel of Antwerp. Marijan Dundek is a leading authority on diamonds. In his professional career he has worked with, and advised on, some of the world's finest and most valuable diamonds. His passion for his field and his keenness to further knowledge about diamonds and the diamond industry led to his writing this guide, which has been highly praised by other experts and organizations in the field.

Watch and listen to a veteran ADTF exhibitor!

Interview with Thierry Silber of Diamaz International

After sourcing your diamonds in Antwerp,
take a day extra for a visit to Paris!

Overseas visitors to the Antwerp Diamond Trade Fair can enjoy a day trip to Paris. The Parisian capital of Haute Joaillerie is only a two-hour direct train journey by TGV from Antwerp with 8 connections per day both ways. ADTF is conveniently located close to the train station in Antwerp. Place Vendôme and its famous high jewellers are only a stone's throw away!

Watch and listen to ADTF visitors from Turkey!

Interiview with Turkish buyers during ADTF 2014

An iconic jeweller from Germany, Gerhard Schreiner of Schreiner Haute Joaillerie, is to attend ADTF 2015

ADTF: Your fascination with precious stones has led you to travel the world in search of gemstones of the highest standards. You will visit the Antwerp Diamond Trade Fair next February 2015 for the second time. What type of stones will you be looking for? And why Antwerp?
GS: We are looking especially for single stones in sizes from 10 to 50 carats.
ADTF: What are the advantages of sourcing your diamonds at ADTF?
GS: As we are working with several partners who are participating in the show, we are able to compare prices and get the best sources and the best results.

A conversation with Wolf Ollech,
A veteran Antwerp diamond cutter

Diamond manufacturing has considerably evolved over the past decades. When Wolf Ollech started his career in Antwerp, cutting a diamond was an artisan's job. As a sculptor of miniatures, the diamond cutter was able to exercise his creative skills to craft his jewel out of the rough stone he had in his hands, veteran diamond cutter Wolf Ollech explains. Since the mid-80s, with the introduction of modern technology, including cad-cam based technology, things have changed considerably. Today, technology is indispensable in diamond cutting and polishing, both in large plants as well as in the smaller workshops.

Meeting with Yves Kerremans, director WTOCD

Antwerp, the world's number one diamond trading hub, operates its own scientific and technological research centre, dedicated exclusively to diamonds. Known by its Dutch-language acronym WTOCD, the Scientific and Technical Research Centre for Diamonds is located in Lier, an Antwerp suburban township. It is recognized as one of the world's leading research centres for diamonds. Yves Kerremans, the WTOCD's director, spoke to the ADTF NL editors.

WTOCD employs a team of 15 engineers and researchers whose mission is to develop new technologies and develop new tools, with the aim to keep Antwerp at the forefront of the global diamond industry.


A series of innovations have resulted from their research such as D-Screen (patented screening technology of potential synthetic and HPHT colour enhanced polished diamonds), AvalonPlus (in-process measurement of facet smoothness and geometry), EOSFancy (automatic bruting of fancy shapes), Morgana (fast and precise alignment of tang, tang plate and polishing mill) and Grain Independent Polishing (patented new revolutionary polishing technique). WTOCD is currently developing M-Screen, an automated screener for melee sized goods, based on its D-Screen technology.


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