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Happy birthday colette
On March 21, colette will be a year older: "Sweet Sixteen"! Go back in time with us to a made-in-the-USA adolescence: the moment of emancipation, driver's licenses, evenings with friends, partying and fun! colette is going kitsch and girly for our 16th birthday party and invites you to the water-bar on Saturday, March 16 from 4pm – 8pm for a Kawai-style Sweet Sixteen karaoke with Yellow Ghetto. We'll be there, and so will Beats by Dre, so warm up your voices, it's show time.
Surprises, goodies, fun, songs, 90's, Zarb champagne bubbles, mini Fred Wonderful and super Flipbook Sweet Sixteen in memory:
celebrate on # colettesweet16 & Share!
We will be there, and Beats by Dre, then warm your voice is left for the show!

Souvenir collectors:
St. James the sailor limited to 16 copies
The Beats By Dre Beatbox limited to 16 copies

And for greedy:
All March savor "Sweet Sixteen Birthday Cakes" 4 of our favorite bakers: Sébastien Gaudard, In Wonderland Fred L'Eclair Engineering, Chez Bogato which in turn, over the weeks, invest the water bar and we discover their unique version of birthday cake!
Quickly discover more than two, week of March 18: The Flash and Engineering Week, March 25: At Bogato. In your forks!

En mars, colette a un an de plus


Happy birthday to all of us!

by colette
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