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Guggenheim Creates New Curatorial Position
Richard Armstrong, Director, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum and Foundation, today announced the appointment of architect and scholar Troy Conrad Therrien as Curator, Architecture and Digital Initiatives. As the first person to hold this new position, Therrien will contribute to the development of the museum’s engagement with architecture, design, technology, and urban studies, in addition to providing leadership on select new projects under the direction of the Chief Curator and the Director’s Office.

The Guggenheim's role in architecture has always been one of patronage, commissioning Frank Lloyd Wright to design its landmark building in New York City and Frank Gehry to design the celebrated Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, which extended the institution's global constellation of museums. The Guggenheim has also involved major architects in the design of special exhibitions, including Zaha Hadid, Jean Nouvel, and I.M. Pei. In recent years, the Guggenheim has expanded its programming to encompass robust online outreach as well as groundbreaking, off-site architectural initiatives such as the BMW Guggenheim Lab and stillspotting (2011–13), which were inserted into the fabrics of multiple cities around the world.

“Advancing innovative programming that relates to architecture, technology, and urban studies, particularly on a global stage, is a priority for the Guggenheim,” Richard Armstrong stated. “Troy’s impressive and dynamic background spanning academia, architecture, and computer science should expand our forward-looking curatorial team.”

As Curator, Architecture and Digital Initiatives, Therrien will articulate and advance the Guggenheim's mission to be an agent of social change through its array of public programs on- and off-site and in the digital realm. Building on the Guggenheim’s role as a convener of dialogues about contemporary architecture and urban development, Therrien’s work will look beyond traditional exhibition programming to more discursive models such as think tanks, public forums, online content development, and the establishment of networks for intellectual exchange around the world.

Guggenheim Creates New Curatorial Position for Architecture and Digital Initiatives

#Photo courtesy of Troy Conrad Therrien
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