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GIF This!
GIF This! our eleventh issue, explores fashion through the world of moving image on loop. Using the technical capacity of our online venue to make a statement on popular culture’s use of modern technology, we give our final salute to the spring summer collections and a big welcome to the 2013 pre-fall season.
Whilst GIFs (Graphics Interchange Format) have been around since 1987, today moving images are becoming increasingly used en mass: from interpersonal communication with smart phones, to broadcasts on social media and the rapid uptake of moving images in online advertising. New social media technologies, Vine and Snap Chat, are superseding the humble text, picture text, Twitter and Instagram to explain, promote or describe our surroundings.  We now desire snippets of super-short film and audio. Vine, owned by Twitter, allows any user to take 6 seconds of video footage then share it with other Vine users or through Twitter and Facebook accounts. Snap Chat, Vine’s cheeky little sister, has taken gen-y by storm, allowing them to produce, customise and publish content from the safety of their own bedrooms with the knowledge that recipient of their mini-movie can only view it once. Our headlining art project Zap Chat! art directed by Elvis di Fazio explores this concept.
Our cover editorial, Going to Greylands shot by Christian Blanchard, showcases the new pre-fall offerings in a beautiful and twisted environment.  Neon Wave shot by Mitchell McLennan is our last hurrah for SS13, and it certainly goes out with a bright bang. This is the Girl starring French actress Soléne Herbert and directed by Julien Carlier tells a story of an empowered young lady through a series of black & white GIFs.
Our beauty statement Play by Chris Walsh is decidedly 80s with a boy-meets-girl mash up. And, finally we have PIG, Nico Stinghe’s art project, which proves there is no limit to what can be done with glad wrap, strawberries and one very popular plastic pig.
Special thanks go to our new art designer Steve House who has given our graphics a fresh new spin, to Shannon Pope and Ron Wan, our hero ‘tech-heads’ who came to our rescue in putting the issue online, and of course, thank you to our web developer Steven Mileski and fashion assistants Milari Barker and Allanah Jansons who continually go above and beyond.

Cover credit: Luana @ Chic Model Management wears; Chanel dress, necklace and brooch, Alex Perry boots and original hospital gown. Photography: Christian Blanchard @ RP Represents. Fashion: Heather Cairns. Make-up: Andrea Black @ Reload. Hair: Graeme Cumming.
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