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German premiere

Everyone is sure to recognize the hallmark of Pierre Montale in the new Mancera collection.
So celebrate the premiere with our 2 Introductory Sets from Montale for you and your best friend!

 „Black Line

Black Line

A spicy and symbiotic rose-patchouly note with leather, ambergris,
sandalwood and precious lignum vitae resin creates a multi-faceted
fragrance experience between power and elegance, yet at the same
time remains soft and transparent.

Kumkat Wood

The composition is named after the kumquat, a small bitter-tasting
fresh citrus fruit. Accordingly, the top note was created with bergamot,
grapefruit and spices. Ambergris, patchouly and floral notes serve
to support until finally the warm base of musk, cedar, vetiver and
sandalwood wins through.

Click here to view the Mancera Collection.

Our Montale Gift for You

With every order we are giving away two sample sets, each with
three luxury samples from Montale. One half is for you and the
other half for your best friend.

Each of the two sets contain samples of „Sweet Oriental Dream",
Rose Elixir" and „Pure Gold" by Montale.

Naturally men are also invited to discover the wonderful fragrances by Montale.

Just enter the password "Best Friend" in the comments box
on your next order. This promotion is valid for orders of 50 € and above
and cannot be combined with others.

The promotion runs until Midnight Sunday, 18.08.2013.

Click here to visit the scents of Montale.

We hope you enjoy discovering
the fragrance collections from Montale and Mancera.

by Aus Liebe zum Duft

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