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Galeries Lafayette sponsor of the exhibition Tea and Wine

With an exhibition, a film, a book and a series of meetings, the Maison des Arts Yishu 8 reveals the wealth of expertise and savoir-vivre in France and China. Already in the tenth century, a Chinese manuscript, the "Cha jiu lun", presented in the exhibition in a contemporary calligraphic unprecedented, compared the merits of tea and wine. Heritage , the exhibition also wears a contemporary look at these centuries-old traditions , commanding two French artists, Nicolas Clément Bagot and Darrot a unique, extraordinary machine tea and wine, a kind of magic still.

While Galeries Lafayette opened its first store "flagship" in Beijing last September, in the shopping district Xi'dan, his commitment to the flagship exhibition is another example of its commitment to China. By the 1950s, Galeries Lafayette have developed strong relations with China for both development of Chinese culture in France for the dissemination of the art of French living in China. Too old, the history of relations between the Galeries Lafayette and China was built over 50 years the rate of prospecting trips, the first in 1957, and a dozen events exhibitions in stores group since the first in 1965.

Throughout the event, the Group has also set up several events celebrating the exhibition, including using Bordeauxthèque, outstanding great wine cellar in the heart of its stores in Paris and Beijing to accompany the tasting and initiation the art of wine.

Following the exhibition in Beijing, the Galeries Lafayette department store on Boulevard Haussmann in Paris 's turn to welcome the exhibition " Tea and Wine ", according to a proposal by Commissioner Jean- Paul Desroches, at the Galerie des Galeries, 1st floor of the store, of 3 December 2014 to 3 January 2015.

Major player in the cultural patronage, Galeries Lafayette is pleased to participate in this event, which fits perfectly with the Group's ambition, at the intersection of heritage, contemporary art and the art of living: making it accessible and the Beautiful good to the greatest number.

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