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For the 4th consecutive year, Galeries Lafayette participate in European Heritage Days. In 2013, organized tours have attracted nearly a thousand visitors. That success attendance, two new stores are added to this event in 2014 Alongside stores Bordeaux, Strasbourg and Toulouse, Paris Haussmann store associates with the event. Opened in 1894, Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann celebrate this year 120 years of history. Since the opening of the dome in 1912, the many visitors who flock daily in the store on Boulevard Haussmann transformed the place of sale of the landmark Paris Art Nouveau. During the day, visitors will have the privilege to experience the highlights that punctuate the construction of the famous theater of fashion and the essential role of the brand in access to create, fashion, design and visual arts. Through a course of 45 minutes, in French or English, visitors will have the opportunity to discover the secrets to building this store. Families with young children will follow a visit fun and interactive tracing the birth of the great Parisian stores and the evolution of Galeries Lafayette since 1894.
Galeries Lafayette PARIS WELCOMES YOU HAUSSMANN the European Heritage Days The September 20, 2014

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