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Gagliostro presents a new series of work entitled - TABLETS
One of the pioneers of the vibrant New York Downtown art scene, Gagliostro joined the art world in 1972, studying graphic design and painting at Parsons School of Design. This New York was before the gentrification, at a time when the city was in ruins. This fertile landscape gave birth to a vital creative period that produced some of today's leading artists, musicians, fashion designers and film makers.

In 1976, Gagliostro secured his first solo show at only 19 years old in Washington D.C. a few years later, the growing health crisis in New York's gay community would change his life and career enormously. In 1987, he became one of the original members of ACT UP (The AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power), a group which would successfully position the burgeoning AIDS health crisis as a political crisis as well. He coordinated and created the ad campaigns for some of the group's most historical demonstrations on Wall Street, St. Patrick's Church and Washington D.C... 
Through his art and activism, Vincent William Gagliostro boldly and courageously speaks from the human heart of our shared human condition.

Gagliostro presents a new series of work entitled "TABLETS (It was November; documentation 3)",
by Creative Door

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