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Here we are again, The Royal Obsession#2 is out! We are heating up your summer with The Warrior Issue. Thank you to all our contributors who made this issue happen so we can continue our journey to change your lifestyle. Also special thanks to all the amazing feedback we received after releasing our first issue. We hope you enjoy reading, watching, talking, shopping, and freeing your mind with The Royal Obsession Magazine. We are the Tomorrow People enjoy the ride. So watch, listen, learn, and shop only with The Royal Obsession, because living in the future is worth it. If you never heard about us before, our voices are louder now. Take the Blue Pill and join the obsession! FUCK FASHION! GET OBSESSED!

by #ZOMNIA an #Natasha Morgan

Beauty photo by Marc Tousignant. . Designer Eugenia Lejos

Photo Vanessa Vertus

Backstage photo ZomZom Studio. . . . . . .Travel photo: Francisco Hidalgo

Photo: Aleksandr Villamariona. . . Photo:Dorothy Caccaval
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