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Fraser Yachts targets Asia #luxo

Fraser Yachts targets AsiaFraser Yachts, the world’s leading full-service yachting company, is delighted to announce that it will be attending the Singapore Yacht Show for the first time.

Fraser  Yachts  recently  appointed  Julian  Chang,  to  represent  their  services  in  Singapore  and  the
sur rounding  area.  Born  and  raised  in  Singapore,  Julian  has  a  long  history  of  boat  building,  after
joining the family business of building offshore vessels and oil rigs in the 70’s. Since then Julian has
also been involved in building several mega yachts and initiating many environmental and business
initiatives to help develop the superyacht industryin the region, whilst also preserving the beautiful
waters that offer some magnificent and little explored cruising grounds.

Julian commented  “I’m delighted to  join  the  Fraser  Yachts  team  who  are  renowned in the  industry
for their expertise across all the yacht services that they offer. I’m looking forward to developing a
range  of  new  opportunities  with  Fraser  Yachts  in  the  area  and  having  the  very  impressive  motor
yacht  Exuma  on  display  at  the  Singapore  Show  will  be  a  perfect  way  to  introduce  yachting  to  our clients over here.”

Fabio added “Many of our brokers have been working with Julian for several years now so it was a
logical decision to invite him to join our team. His experience and professionalism make it a pleasure
to  work  with  him,  while  his  vast  knowledge  and  contacts  in  the  area  will  help  us  to  realise  the
potential of this growing market.

Fraser Yachts is partnering with the definitive authority on connoisseurship, The Robb Report, along
with a number of other luxury brands at the Singapore Yacht Show to create a luxury retreat on the
water  for  clients  to  relax  and  refresh  while  surrounded  by  some  of  the  world’s  most  magnificent
yachts. Sales and Charter brokers will be on hand to answer any questions and take clients on board
the yachts on display which can be visited by appointment only.

For more information on Fraser Yachts, please go to: www.fraseryachts.com


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