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Fondazione Prada and QMA announce the CURATE Award
A  global  competition  organized  by  Qatar  Museums  Authority  and Fondazione  Prada  to  find  new  curating  talent  is  accepting  entries  online  on www.curateaward.org until 31 December 2013. Curate  opens  up  and  challenges  people’s  ideas  of  what  an  exhibition  can  be.  It  will provide one winner with the unprecedented opportunity to curate  the  exhibition of their dreams. A  world-renowned  Jury  will  judge  ideas  on  their  creativity  and  social  significance, rewarding  those  with  a contemporary  and culturally  relevant  point of view.  They  will  be
looking  for  an  exemplary  exhibition  that  is  both  far-sighted  and  critical  to  the  future. Participation  in  the  competition  is  not  limited  to  aspiring  or  established  curators,  but  is open  to  anyone  with  a  great  concept  for  creative  expression,  with  the  emphasis  on encouraging young people to compete, whether as individuals or as collaborative groups.

The  Jury  is: Her  Excellency  Sheikha  Al  Mayassa  bint  Hamad  Al-Thani, Chairperson,  Qatar  Museums  Authority; Miuccia  Prada,  President,  Fondazione Prada; Rem Koolhaas, architect, urban theorist,  OMA/AMO  founder; Nadine Labaki, Lebanese  film-maker  and  actress; Nawal  El  Moutawakel,  the  first  woman  from  a Muslim majority  Country to win an Olympic gold medal; and Hans  Ulrich  Obrist, codirector, Serpentine Gallery, London. Proposals can be uploaded to the Curate website for consideration by the Jury. The format of the proposal should be a self-made video no longer than two  minutes in length, with a one page accompanying text explaining the idea.

As  stated  by  the  Curate  Jury:  "The  notion  of  ‘curating’  no  longer  belongs  just  to  the museum. With the development of digital and social media, it has now become possible for anyone to participate in the selection,  editing  and communication  of  ideas. We  hope  that people, whatever their age or background, will make the most of the opportunity offered by Curate  to  think  about  the  future  potential  of  exhibition  making,  where  there  are  no
imposed  boundaries  to  media,  scale,  content  and  formats,  and  ideas,  whether  from  the fields of science or the arts, can come from anywhere.”

CURATE VIDEO: www.curateaward.org
Applications close: 12.00 GMT Tuesday 31 December 2013
Finalists announced: Spring 2014 / Winner announced: April 2014

Fondazione Prada - QMA: CURATE Award open for entry
by Fondazione Prada
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