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Fondazione Pitti Discovery + ASVOFF presents the best film of Fashion
ASVOFF and FONDAZIONE PITTI DISCOVERY are teaming up to find out some of the dynamic creative forces driving one of the world's most vibrant cultures today. As part of Pitti's celebration of Turkey as its guest nation this year, ASVOFF and FONDAZIONE PITTI DISCOVERY are launching a special open-call for fashion films that are inspired by or about Turkey, Turkish fashion, art or fashion scene in Turkey.

Pitti Italic

Pitti Italics is the Fondazione Pitti Discovery project dedicated to the most outstanding representatives of the new generations of Italian fashion designers. We have decided to present recently or very recently established brands based in Italy which are already operating successfully on the international markets, albeit having different dimensions in terms of distribution and sales, yet sharing an original style, a vocation fo research and above all the distinct personality of their creators. I think that the choice of MSGM, Aquazzura and Stella Jean reflects this variety of stories and, together, their internal consistency.


During the Pitti Immagine Uomo fair, an international judging panel of top buyers, fashion journalists and opinion makers will evaluate the 7 finalists’ collections and announce the winners. This edition’s finalists are: L. Chiussi & F., Matteo Molinari, Puro, and Christian Pellizzari for prêt-à-porter; and Casamadre, Super Duper Hats, and Giacomorelli for the accessories category.

Their collections will be presented to the Pitti Uomo audience in a high-tech display created by architect Alessandro Moradei, and situated in the heart of the fair, on the Lower Level of the Main Pavilion.

Damir Doma

"I'm really proud and happy to be part of the Pitti family now. I believe that it's a great opportunity for the brand to present my universe with all its facettes to a wide range of international buyers and press people”.

Fondazione Pitti Discovery presents

Ufficio Stampa
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