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Flying High: Fortis B-42 Flieger Black Cockpit GMT

Fortis WatchesSince it prevents any ambiguity as to when events occurred, aviators and the military have always preferred dividing the time into 24-hour segments. This time keeping convention is popularly referred to as military time and some of today’s most influential military and aviation timepieces still utilize a 24-hour dial. The B-42 Flieger Black Cockpit GMT augments and enhances the traditional 24-hour military style display by dividing the day and night into two hemispheres: one black and the other white.

The unique dial features a clearly lettered 60-minute scale as the primary time indicator, augmented by a smaller 24-hour scale on the chapter ring. The Fortis watch employs a traditional three-hand configuration with broad, sword style hands that are augmented by a rotating disc at the center of the dial to indicate GMT time.

The eye catching 42 mm timepiece is as different as day and night from most aviator watches and will appeal to anyone looking for a bold, visually compelling alternative to a conventional GMT watch. Complementing the dramatic dial is a PVD coated black stainless steel case that can be equipped with your choice of a 20 mm jet-black caoutchouc strap and push-button deployment clasp or calfskin strap and buckle clasp. This innovative, limited edition watch is powered by a precision Swiss made ETA 2893 automatic GMT movement and is water resistant to an impressive 660 feet.

Anyone looking for an alternative to the small, hard-to-read GMT hands found on many multiple time zone watches will appreciate the stunning visual representation of 24-hour time provided by the B-42 Flieger Black Cockpit GMT’s unique black and white dial. Not only is this a great way to tell the time at a glance, it is also a great way to instantly become the center of attention.

After a century of watchmaking innovation, Fortis continues to set the pace for other watch companies to follow. This is a company that refuses to rest on its laurels. Even though Fortis already makes some of the world’s most popular aviation watches and chronographs, they knew there would always be customers looking for something different. The Fortis B-42 Flieger Black Cockpit GMT was expressly made for these discriminating customers. To put one of these innovative black and white beauties on your own wrist, contact your authorized Fortis dealer today and ask to see the Fortis B-42 Flieger Black Cockpit GMT Watch Collection.

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Fortis 672.18.11 L.01
B-42 Black Cockpit GMT
Premium Calfskin Strap
  Fortis 672.18.11 K
B-42 Black Cockpit GMT
Natural Rubber Strap
Fortis 672.18.11 L.01 B-42 Black Cockpit GMT   Fortis 672.18.11 K B-42 Black Cockpit GMT
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