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Flower Power the new time @MrJonesWatches

Flower Power new from Mr Jones WatchesI'm writing to let you know about our latest watch: Flower Power. On the face of this watch a colourful floral shape appears and disappears - the flower aligning and breaking apart. Upon closer inspection the individual petals of the flower resolve into the shape of guns.

Crispin Jones, the designer explains, "Flower Power is inspired by the philosophy and imagery of anti-war protest movements from the 1960s. It embodies the hope that as time passes the gun will be transformed from a tool of war to one of peace - the Biblical notion of turning swords into ploughshares. Looking at it another way it reflects the alternating cycle of war to peace, the balancing of harmony with chaos through history".

The watch is available in a signed, numbered edition of 100 pieces.

by #Mr Jones Watches

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