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Five are special creation by THV Public Relations
The launch of the magazine is lead by Editor-in-Chief, Candice Arciaga-Banueloz, and produced by Jeremy Preimesberger. FIVE is a lifestyle and
fashion magazine that will be an accomplice of THV Public Relations, but will not adhere to its clients.

Founder  of THV, Touriya Vaughan, first dabbled with the idea of incorporating a fashion and lifestyle blog  to keep clients, stylists and editors up to date with THV. It wasn’t long before Touriya realized there was a demand for more editorial type entries, which lead to the conception of FIVE.

Today Touriya hopes to develop FIVE into a place of ecommerce, where readers will also be able to purchase the items they read about.
Visit FIVE now at www.thvpr.com/five

THV Public Relations has launched its digital magazine entitled FIVE.
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