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AVANT TOI. Pioneer in the reinvention of  cashmere with revolutionary treatments, procedures, and  airbrush techniques.
Twenty years of experiment and research. An authentic tale. A unique reality to discover.

The occasion is scheduled for September 20th at Via Carlo Botta 8, Milan during the Festival des Couleurs by Avant Toi.   An idea of the brand’s creative director Mirko Ghignone, in collaboration with Art Director/photographer Yuri Catania, who has interpreted the Avant Toi mood through images and videos since 2008.   A courtyard   transformed into an exotic square where anything is possible and the night becomes magic. Proceeding to a showroom  suspended in time,  a location embraced by silence and shadow, a place to revel in the beauty of the new Spring/Summer 2015 collection.

An open invitation from AVANT TOI to enter into their world and experience the irresistible energy of a vibrant and  exotic piazza  after sundown. Special effects light up the evening  like a gigantic chandelier hanging in the sky. A chaotic scattering of kilim rugs and poufs,  acrobats, street artists and music by  song writer and singer Michele Cipriano’s “Four on six band”, a manouche style reinterpretation of varying genres including jazz, chanson française and popular songs.  Surprise performances. Spices and ethnic traveler food. The spirit of a wanderer that mixes art with talent, language with vision. Action painting by Mirko Ghignone, eclectic artist in love with color’s potential and  irreverent creative mind behind AVANT TOI.

Breaking with fashion traditions is at the core of AVANT TOI’s philosophy, which delights in the attraction of opposites. The Festival des Couleurs is a pure demonstration:  an exuberant and light hearted welcome in the kaleidoscopic courtyard morphing into a contemplative and essential presentation within the  showroom. Static male and female  figures appear from the darkness wearing pieces of the new Spring/summer  2015 collection and surround an expressive and sensual performance  of body painting. The aesthetics and evolution of Avant Toi over 20 years are represented in a  retrospective of  creations  painted on the skin by  Fiorella Scatena, Italian body painting champion, and her Colorsensation team.

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