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Festival Chic: Harley Viera Newton & Belstaff Rocks
A slimmer version of the iconic Trialmaster jacket, the Roadmaster retains a functional utility that is the Belstaff standard. Perfected over decades, this close fitting four-pocket biking jacket brings the spirit of the open road to modern urban living.

- Hand-waxed cotton seals out the elements.
- Reinforced elbows and shoulders provide extra protection.
- Throat latch and triple-snap cuffs seal out the wind and rain.
- Bellows pockets hold personal effects without extra bulk.
- Collar and cuffs are lined in cotton velvet.
- Signature check cotton lining stays dry against the body.
- Underarm aerators let the garment breathe.
- A separate down quilted liner can be purchased and snaps in for extra warmth for colder weather
- Signature Belstaff patch and Union Jack label signify performance.

Originally used by Eighteenth Century sailors, Belstaff water repellant wax cotton is beloved by bikers for its unbeatable protection, its longevity and its endurance. The heritage fabric offers freedom, comfort and breathability in a low-shine finish that can be re-waxed in lieu of cleaning. Triple waxed to simulate years of use at the outset, it only improves with wear.

Festival Chic: Harley Viera Newton & Belstaff Rocks!

by Belstaff
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