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The Belarusian Maryna Linchuk supermodel embodies the new spirit of the fashion company and is the ideal woman in which inspires the last campaign . A strong woman and eternally feminine.

Fall brings a sober aesthetics and argues that less is more. Within a collection adopting the black color of the season and as white as your faithful support, SUITEBLANCO bet on the combination of few elements that create looks as simple as effective.

The potential of certain basic becomes large and indispensable. We returned to the mesh collar turned, the "Little Black Dress" and the heat of outerwear. Very versatile pieces, which when combined with other pure trend can this chic and irresistible movement which always accompanies the brand. This also contributes to the mix of fabrics, which becomes more interesting in winter and, as a novelty, a fantastic adaptation of sporty style the perfect look for the office.

Thus, we find ourselves with such disparate sets and attractive as it is formed by the balance of light jerseys and the body of jacquard pleated midi skirts; or vice versa, the coarser grid used on mini skirts flowing. Fates trend in green khaki involving skirts sequined tube; thin sweaters that break its delicacy with leather effect leggings or become hyper female to accompany palazzo pants stylized; feather boas that suit to everyday looks and blazers that rejuvenate when used with excellent tweed skirts.

The dresses, an essential element of the female wardrobe, have leadership in more sophisticated sets and boast forms lady. Thanks to the bass parts with much wheel or details at the shoulders and waist, stand out as never woman silhouette.

The collection closes with a line of accessories that shines and gives each look their proper grace. Handbags for day and metallic clutches for the evening; high heel shoes combined suede and other materials like snake print; and an attractive jewelry, in which the glass is a prominent figure.

Maryna Linchuk by #suiteblanco


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