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Face Timers from @MrJonesWatches
The watches were hand-made by us in London and each watch is produced in a numbered edition of just 20 pieces.

The five watches are (from left to right):Face Timers from Mr Jones Watches

Laugh now, cry later designed by Tattoo Artist Adrian Willard - a sister piece to his previous design for us Psychedellic Sunsets springs from the visionary imagination of Edward Carvalho-Monaghan.
Andrew Rae has created Moonhead, based on the central character from his debut graphic novel. The genial robot Analogon was produced for us by Lucy Vigrass a companionable, analogue vision of the smart-watch.
The finally New York Illustrator Kirsten Ulve has designed Time Savior as a handy devotional image for the modern muli-tasker! To celebrate the launch of Face Timers, we are hosting an open day at our Oxo Tower shop this Saturday, 6th September, from 2:30pm Edward Carvalho-Monaghan and Mr Jones will be on hand to chat about the various stages in the design and production of a watch.

by #Mr Jones Design


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