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F’s World is forever chic
The original ties F, bottle design, classic and knitted coming with a polished tie clip which perfectly fits the tie width.
The slim, extra-slim, slim&short ties are specially designed & conceived to be worn one, two or three at the same time
to offer a more contemporary look. They all exist in differents patterns, diamond, square, symetric, assymetric.
The revolutionary ready-tied bowties clip onto a magnetically adjustable neckband in satin.
Differents patterns available : round, moon, 007, sword
Exclusive revolutionary patented magnet fastening system allows an instant fit for all neck sizes.
The special design of the F bow tie composed of 2 half bow ties allows up to 4 different knot possibilities for a different look each time.
It is also possible to customize your bow tie by magnetizing 2 different half bow ties.
Worn untied you can discover the differents patterns : moon, erotic "69", square, butterfly, 007, sword, round and asymetric.
Traditional bow tie with adjustable neckband coming into differents patterns : moon, round, 007, sword.
Each pocket square comes with a patented square pocket folding tool to perfectly fold the silk square
allowing it to fit snugly into the jacket side pocket with style and elegance. Pockets exist also in round pattern.
- Shawl -
Huge rectangular shawl delivered with its shawl clip to fix it perfectly into a contemporary style around the neck.
- Square bandana -
An unconventional volume of 56 x 56 cm specially studied to allow to worn it as well on the head as around the neck.
- Ascot -
Ascott diamond design, 4 folds, studied to be worn also as a bandana.
- Croatian tie -  
The origin of the today tie worn by Croatian soldiers in 17th century.
- Extra fluid scarf -
30 cm of fringes stitched by hand ( the traditional way of manufacturing ) that can be cut to the desired size.

Example of an ecologic Maison F Tie Bar into a multibrand shop.
F’s World

by Maison F
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