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Eyewear design that misses a corner is possible
For the third time  Belgian eyewear brand theo works together with designer  James Van Vossel. Again James came up with something amazing, yet seemingly simple. But there’s more to it than meets the eye... Designer James Van Vossel noticed that the nosepiece is often quite visible. James prefers a pure form, without ‘extra weight’. He wanted to design a pair of glasses with  integrated nose pads, so without adding anything to the frame. James went to work in his atelier and by trial and error he found a way. Out of one thin metal plate he cut a shape in which he already pro-vided a nosepiece. He then bent the nosepiece backwards. By doing so, there is  no frame be-tween the lens and the nose. Literary, you get a design that  misses a ‘corner’. While he was experimenting he made a round model,  James 6, and a more angular shaped frame,  James 5. Each model is available in 8 colours. James 5 & 6: a design that misses a córner.
Who is James?
James Van Vossel started his own label ‘James’ in
2006 and set up ‘Fox & Freeze’ in 2009 with Tom De
Vrieze. This 35-year-old designer has proved again
and again that he is at home in different markets.
His creativity knows no limits: an ergonomic sitting
ring, reversible slippers, a swirling open garden
shower, a revolving sofa bed, a briefcase chair, etc.
and just keep going. His designs are characterised by
original modelling and well-thought-out functionality
with a gimmick. The design never stands alone, but
adds value to the product. Furthermore, he likes to
take on the challenge of experimenting with all types
of materials. For the past number of years James has
passed on his acquired knowledge as a lecturer in
Interior & Design at the Thomas More School in
Mechelen (Be).
theo Eyewear & James Van Vossel create a design that misses a 'corner'

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