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Exhibition Vivid Memories New Display! #FondationCartier

Starting June the 10th 2014, the Fondation Cartier invites you to discover the new display of its anniversary exhibition, Vivid Memories.


According to a principle of perpetual movement, certain art works disappear in order to make room for a new display, full of surprises. Previously inhabited by Dennis Oppenheim’s sound piece, the basement of Jean Nouvel’s building is transformed into a space of silence and contemplation.


Absalon’s Propositions d’habitations (housing proposals), an arrangement of fragile and immaculate volumes, meets Judith Bartolani’s sculpture, a prowess of balance and sedimentation of memory, Marc Couturier’s meditative and spiritual installation, an archaic and enigmatic shape by Vincent Beaurin, as well as Tony Grand’s modular sculpture.


As a tribute to French artists, this new display also dedicates an important place to painting through the hanging of four works by Jean-Michel Alberola, bearing witness to the diversity of his artistic practice, and of a diptych by Shirley Jaffe, the abstract and falsely geometrical forms of which create a cheerful dialog with Alessandro Mendini’s painted wall and the other pieces of the Fondation Cartier’s ground floor.

Next date to remember: Saturday July the 5th for another display mainly dedicated to photography.

On October 20, 1984, Cartier created the Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain, a pioneering creative initiative for contemporary art. Located in Paris in a glass and steel building designed by Jean Nouvel, the Fondation Cartier has provided essential opportunities for artists from all over the world.

Starting May 10, 2014 and running for one year, the Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain invites you to join its celebration of 30 years of free, generous patronage, marked by its unique commitment and continuous dialogue with creative artists of all views and disciplines.

From May 10 to September 21, 2014, the exhibition Vivid Memories, along with concerts and live events, highlights some of the most emblematic works in the collection of the Fondation Cartier, works that each represent important moments in its history.

Photographs, sculptures, films and paintings will be changed regularly over the five-month period in a bold exhibition full of surprises. From Raymond Hains to James Lee Byars, from Nan Goldin to David Lynch, from Mœbius to Ron Mueck, Vivid Memories presents the work of magnificent artists waiting to be discovered or rediscovered.

by #Fondation Cartier

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