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Events by The Metropolitan Museum @metmuseum


The Roof Garden Commission: Dan Graham with Günther Vogt
 April 29–November 2, 2014

American artist Dan Graham will create a site-specific installation atop The Metropolitan Museum of Art's Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Roof Garden—the second in a new series of commissions for the outdoor site. The installation will comprise one of Graham's unique steel and glass pavilions— structures for which he has been renowned since the early 1980s—set within a specially engineered landscape designed in collaboration with Swiss landscape architect Günther Vogt. Constructed of hedge rows and curves of two-way mirrored glass, the pavilion will be both transparent and reflective, creating a changing and visually complex environment for visitors.
Charles James: Beyond Fashion
 May 8—August 10, 2014

The Costume Institute’s new Anna Wintour Costume Center will open on May 8 with an inaugural exhibition examining the career of legendary 20th-century Anglo-American couturier Charles James (1906-1978). James’s design process will be explored focusing on his use of sculptural, scientific, and mathematical approaches to construct revolutionary ball gowns and innovative tailoring that continue to influence designers today. Approximately 75 of James’s most notable designs will be presented in two locations–the new Lizzie and Jonathan Tisch Gallery and the Carl and Iris Barrel Apfel Gallery in the Anna Wintour Costume Center as well as special exhibition galleries on the Museum’s first floor. The latter galleries will spotlight the glamour and architecture of James’ ball gowns from the 1940s through 1950s, while the former will dramatize James’ biography via archival pieces including sketches, patterns, swatches, ephemera, and partially completed works. Video animations in both locations will illustrate how James created anatomically considered dresses that sculpted and reconfigured the female form.

Unique by Design: Contemporary Jewelry in the Donna Schneier Collection
 May 13—August 31, 2014

A selection of approximately 100 pieces of jewelry, dating from 1960 to the present, drawn from The Donna Schneier Collection, which was given to The Metropolitan Museum of Art in 2007. The exhibition will provide a look at the international contemporary jewelry field, with works by approximately 76 artists from more than a dozen countries.
Italian Renaissance Drawings from the Robert Lehman Collection
 May 13—September 1, 2014

This exhibition features masterpieces of Central and Southern Italian drawing spanning the 15th and 16th centuries. Among the 45 works, Florentine drawings will be especially well represented by such celebrated Renaissance masters as Leonardo da Vinci and Antonio Pollaiuolo, while among the Southern Italian examples is a rare sheet by Antonello da Messina. Explorations of the human form through figure studies and portraits, as well as expansive compositional sketches for biblical and mythological narratives, present a wide spectrum of drawing types and subjects, both sacred and secular. The ensemble will highlight a broad range of drawing techniques and functions, from rapid preliminary sketches, sheets employed for transferring designs, and pages from sketchbooks to highly polished drawings intended for patrons. The exhibition will explore the evolving role of the medium during this dynamic period in which drawings were increasingly valued by contemporaries as expressions of artists’ creative processes and as highly prized objects worthy of collecting. Illustrating the relationship between theory and practice, the drawings will be considered in the context of 15th-and 16th-century treatises, which lend a contemporary voice to developments in technique and medium, as well as the role of drawing during the Renaissance.
The Pre-Raphaelite Legacy: British Art and Design from the Metropolitan’s Collection
 May 20— October 26, 2014

The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, founded in London in 1848 by seven young artists and writers, was a creative watershed. Rebelling against academic convention, its members sought to revitalize painting by returning to a purity and profundity they admired in medieval and early Renaissance art. Although the Brotherhood dissolved by 1853, its members and their adherents continued to innovate. This exhibition will bring together approximately 30 works in a range of media from across the Metropolitan’s collections, exploring the development of Pre-Raphaelitism and its impact on British art and design from about 1860 to 1900. The focus will be on works created by the key figures Edward Burne-Jones, William Morris, and Dante Gabriel Rossetti, as they helped inaugurate Aestheticism and the Arts and Crafts Movement. A rich assortment of paintings, drawings, and decorative objects, some of them rarely on view and united here for the first time, will illuminate their shared pursuit of new ideals of beauty extending across the fine and applied arts. At a moment of renewed appreciation for British art of the later 19th century, the exhibition will highlight and consider afresh the Metropolitan Museum’s holdings in this important area.
The exhibition is made possible by the Lillian Goldman Charitable Trust. Accompanied by a brochure.
 Garry Winogrand
 June 27—September 21, 2014

Garry Winogrand (1928-1984) is widely considered one of the greatest photographers of the 20th century. This retrospective will feature approximately 150 of the artist’s best-known photographs from his 30-year career with the camera. In both the content of his photographs and his dynamic visual style, Winogrand emerged from the 1950s to become one of the principal voices of the eruptive 1960s and early 1970s. His work simultaneously expresses the hope and buoyancy of the decades after World War II as well as a powerful anxiety. In picture after picture, Winogrand presents an America that shines with possibility even as it threatens to spin out of control. Organized for SFMoMA by photographer and author Leo Rubinfien (a protégé of Winogrand in the 1970s), the show seeks to reappraise Winogrand’s photographs for the first time since 1989.
The exhibition is jointly organized by the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and the National Gallery of Art, Washington. The international tour of this exhibition is sponsored by the Terra Foundation for American Art. Leadership support is provided by Randi and Bob Fisher.
In New York, the exhibition is made possible by the Blavatnik Family Foundation. Additional support is provided by The Daniel and Estrellita Brodsky Foundation.

Bashford Dean and the Creation of the Arms and Armor Department
Through October 13, 201
To mark the centennial of the Arms and Armor Department, this exhibition surveys the career of Dr. Bashford Dean (1867-1928), the department's founding curator. A zoologist by training, Dean was for a time simultaneously a full professor at Columbia University, first Curator of Fishes at the American Museum of Natural History, and Curator of Arms and Armor at the Metropolitan Museum. At the Met, he worked initially as a guest curator in 1904, when he was invited to install and catalogue the Museum's first significant acquisitions of arms and armor. He continued on as honorary curator until joining the staff full-time in 1912 as head of the newly created Arms and Armor Department, rapidly building the collection into one of international importance. In the process he fostered an influential group of private collectors, established American scholarship on the subject, and laid the foundations for the growth of the collection as it exists today.

Flora and Fauna in Korean Art
Through June 1, 2014
This small installation takes a close look at portrayals of plants and animals in Korean paintings, ceramics, lacquer, and textile. Noteworthy themes and motifs range from auspicious symbols like dragons, cranes, deer, and pine trees to emblems associated with the Confucian gentleman-scholar, such as plum blossoms, bamboo, and such quintessential flowers of the East as the peony and lotus.
Design Motifs in Byzantine Art
Through August 3, 2014
The installation features 15 medieval textiles, textile fragments, and articles of apparel that were created between the fourth and ninth centuries and bear decorative motifs such as flowers, grapevines, crosses of various kinds, birds, beasts, and humans. Some of these works entered the Metropolitan’s collection in 1889 and 1890, and were among the Museum’s earliest acquisitions. Because textiles are sensitive to light, many have never before been shown or are seldom put on view.
Express admission may be purchased in advance at www.metmuseum.org/visit For More Information (212) 535-7710; www.metmuseum.org

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