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European Heritage Days at the Galeries Lafayette
In 2013, organized tours have attracted nearly a thousand visitors. That success attendance, two new stores - Bordeaux and Toulouse - in addition to this event in 2014 and reflect the growing commitment of the sign for the preservation and enhancement of its architectural heritage.

Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann
Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann

Opened in 1894, Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann Now celebrating 120 years of history. Since the opening of the dome in 1912, the many visitors who flock daily in the store on Boulevard Haussmann transformed the point of sale in the Paris landmark Art Nouveau.

During the European Heritage Days, visitors will have the privilege of discovering the highlights that marked the construction of the famous theater of fashion and the essential role of the brand in access to create, fashion, design and the visual arts.

Through a course of 45 minutes, in French or English, visitors will have the opportunity to discover the secrets to building this store. Families with young children can follow a fun and interactive tour tracing the birth of Parisian department stores and the evolution of Galeries Lafayette since 1894.

Galeries Lafayette Bordeaux

Century-old building, the jewel of the architectural heritage of the city, Galeries Lafayette Bordeaux also offer unusual tours that reveal the history of the great Bordeaux store since its origins and its roots in the neighborhood and the city.

Visitors are invited to discover the history of Bordeaux store, construction of the "Ladies of France" in 1901, the brand change in 1985 following the acquisition by Groupe Galeries Lafayette and up to the present. Display cases allow visitors to discover conserved Bordeaux store since the nineteenth century archives. Catalogs, books, photographs, posters or postcards reveal the history of the Galeries Lafayette in Bordeaux.

Galeries Lafayette Strasbourg

Galeries Lafayette Strasbourg revive it for its links with the sign of Alsace and its two founders, Alphonse Kahn and Théophile Bader. Guided tours offered to the public will highlight the history of the "great Parisian Alsace store" since its inception. Anecdotes about the monumental staircase, patio and front punctuate the visit, real immersion into the secrets of the store long known as the "Magmod."

Galeries Lafayette Toulouse

Inaugurated in 1962, and typical of the architecture of the 1960s, the store of Lapeyrouse Street is actually a rich history of over a century's history starts in 1875, Galeries Lafayette in Toulouse retraces the department stores of the pink city and the different brands that have followed one another still present in the architecture of the city as in the minds of people.

From the ground floor to the panoramic terrace, through the mansion Caulet-Rességuier's Inside the venue will be announced visits on the occasion of the European Heritage Days.

At the heart of the course, the "Panoramic exposure! A History of Galeries Lafayette in Toulouse since 1875 "(September 10 to November 15, 2014) will enable visitors to the little-known facets of the store.

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