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Denim by Première Vision: Get in the denim game!

Denim by Première Vision: Get in the denim game!

Place your bets! But be discreet. Flout the rules! But be clever about it. Be provocative! But subtly. The keys to the next Denim by Première Vision show will soon be in your hands!

The 14th edition of the leading show in the upstream jeans sector is brimming with change. Launched in Paris in 2007, Denim by Première Vision has become the can’t-miss meeting place for the denim community. Always taking the initiative, faithful to its original concept, the show settles into Barcelona as of this season, affirming its role as an engine for change.

This May 21 and 22, 2014, in Hall 8 of the Fira Montjuic, in the heart of the Catalan capital, go all-in on creativity, gamble on the new and defy convention. Discover all the shape and trend developments and directions of a playful, mysterious autumn winter 2015-16.

Denim by Première Vision is above all a pertinent, rigorously selected, high-end, creative and innovative offer, previewed and discovered at the show every season by representatives from the biggest brands in international jeans and ready-to-wear.

Its aim? To create an international platform at the service of an international industry, and address the needs of a specific market, premium denim, looking for ever more elaborate and sophisticated products.

This season the show welcomes some 100 professional exhibitors, both loyal and newcomers: Weavers (45%), manufacturers/ launderers / finishers (23%), accessory makers (22%), machine makers, fibre producers and spinners, and technology developers.

An offer up by 5% (over May 2013), demonstrating the attraction of the show to the sector’s leading players, all of whom are very enthusiastic and optimistic about the new changes.

“The timing of this change is perfect. Denim is experiencing a renewed momentum, and moving allows Denim by Première Vision to provide a renewed spearhead the action.” Panos Sofianos - Tejidos Royo

“Changing locations is a good decision. Changing, stimulating change, these things help energise a sector, especially for a leader like Denim by Première Vision whose client base is constantly calling for new experiences.” David Bardin - Tavex

“We think it’s a great initiative! The show will get a new boost of energy in a city that’s a junction of creativity and innovation.” Marco Lucietti – IskoTM

Know-how, technologies and developments from 20 producing and manufacturing countries with high added-value numbering among the leaders in the jeans industry - from the Euromed zone - Turkey (31% of exhibitors), Italy (20%), Morocco (9%) and Tunisia (3%) - to Japan, India, Pakistan, Hong Kong and Brazil.
In a secret, enigmatic and playful atmosphere, infiltrate a season rich in creativity, inspiration and innovation. At the Denim Trends Area, discover exclusive fashion information spaces, and join the game of directions for autumn winter 2015 -16. Place your bets!
Inside the show, start by entering a sophisticated and intriguing library. Then push open the back door to a concealed bar, where low-key and deceitful appearances flirt with taboos. With your curiosity piqued, continue on to the strange Denim cabaret, from the stage where jeans play the season’s starring roles, to behind-the-scenes spaces where you can unlock all the intrigues behind a multi-faceted autumn winter. Finally, visit a dark and provocative gaming room, where you won’t have any choice but to bet on the right washes, the best finishings and indispensable trims for the next collections.
To accompany you in your discovery of the season, follow our four stand-out players and guides!
 The High Roller ventures a certain warm dandyism, made of softly washed-out wool and corduroy, of broken twill and blurred effects, of knits and backs with a brushed fleece aspect, all played in softness and suppleness.
 The Expert bets on skilfully blue variations, for outsized clothing in barely washed raws, in blue/black twills, in re-coloured selvedges. He bets on thick plain weaves, bondings or quiltings, trimmed with dented labels and hammered buttons.
The Provocateur breaks with convention enigmatically, and exceptionally, thanks to disguised weaves, secret pockets and hide-and-seek trims. He plays with pretence, double faces marked by lasers or ice, and experiments with almost seedy-looking greasy coatings.
 The Nimble One plays with the light of compact and dazzling fabrics, sometimes glazed, plasticized or lacquered. He plays tricks with open diagonals, sculpting and virtuously comfortable stretch, for slim and close to the body fits, accessorised with diamond-like metallic points and glints.
Denim by Première Vision would especially like to thank the City of Barcelona as well as its Tourist Office for their support and their warm welcome.
Barcelona’s enthusiastic welcome of Denim by Première Vision is fully in step with the city’s longstanding embrace of creativity, whether in fashion, design or culture in general, as underlined by the city itself:

"There is a real passion in Barcelona for design, and this has been true for more than a century. The city and the region of Catalonia are fully invested in promoting this sector, especially though the Barcelona Design Center, an organisation that brings together the companies in the sector, helping them with promotion, exports and overall competitiveness. A fashion city, Barcelona also actively strives to showcase the fashion industry. The city already has many world-famous fashion companies. Whether through shows, events or districts, the city continues to strengthen its initiatives to highlight the skill, talents and creative know-how of local companies, while assisting them internationally. Through its efforts, Barcelona has become one of the global references in terms of innovation and creativity, especially in fashion and design."

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