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DB29 Maxichrono Tourbillon

DB29RS1-Unique in watchmaking history Twelve years ago David Zanetta, an art lover and connoisseur of traditional watchmaking, and Denis Flageollet, an innovative designer and constructor of watches, set up the De Bethune project, ranging from the development of watchmaking techniques to research applied to the horological arts.

Their research follows on from that undertaken by the great horologists of the age of enlightenment, while assimilating the new technologies and materials to which the fundamental calculations and principles of conventional mechanics have been applied.



The various innovations emanating from the De Bethune laboratory not only bear witness to these intentions, they also express the conviction that there is much unexplored territory in the field of watchmaking technology.



The DB29 Maxichrono Tourbillon, the result of seven years of research and development, is the only one of its kind. This exceptional patented chronograph, packed with innovations, embodies the essence of De Bethune’s watchmaking.



Three different types of clutch behind three semi-independent systems controlled by three column-wheels thus govern the different chronograph elapsed-time counters.



In this way De Bethune marks a significant technological breakthrough in the history of chronographs, the result of continuous research heralded by the DB21 Maxichrono in 2006. Constant innovation relying on an extensive knowledge of age-old expertise has enabled the brand to simplify and enhance the reliability of the absolute clutch system so that it can be implemented in a movement manufactured by the production workshops in the Swiss village of L’Auberson.










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