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Dangerous women and real daredevils

The wonderful brand Jovoy Paris captures the tradition and nostalgia of the golden 20s. Its two latest creations have inspired and completely enthralled us here at First in Fragrance.


A woman in a black cocktail dress with a sophisticated and chic hairstyle strolls across the Place Vendôme and onto the Rue de la Paix.
Her endlessly long legs are playfully highlighted between the contrasting light and shade of the street lanterns. Heads constantly turn to admire her…

„Les Jeux sont Faits"

An ode to the French film icons of the 60s and a time when daredevils were considered as ideal son-in-laws. "Les jeux sont faits" is reminiscent of the palpable tension around the smoky gambling tables of the casinos with an elegant croupier holding sway. It is a very masculine scent of a time when men were real men!

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