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DANCING SMOKING - Chapitre IIIContinuing his reflection on the profusion of genres and fascinated by the unisex Stéfanie Renoma revisit again a classic of the House Renoma. For this new capsule collection "Dancing Smoking", she confronts the Smoking the pace and rigor of aesthetic codes ballets, bringing him the body disturbing the body so fascinating! Worn since its creation by Francoise Hardy, Jane Birkin, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Fanny Ardant, tuxedo Renoma become a key locker room of the Paris Androgynous. This globetrotter dancer Stefanie Renoma continues to accompany, to sublimate. A woman playing genres and plays with diktats, mixes shamelessly body male in tuxedo sulfur.

In adolescence surrounded by books, exhibitions, meetings, Stefanie was marked, fascinated and unconsciously formed by the images of Richard Avedon with Baryshnikov, Robert Doisneau opera, Ellen Auerbach, Melvin Sokolsky ...

The second of the XXth century moist is inspired by the world of dance, frozen glossy worked these movements, this freedom of women and finally the Man in Motion. New mythology of beauty in which negatives silhouettes replace the sculptures of Venus. The XXI century is the result of this aesthetic heritage linked to string of inspirations, the requirement and technique. Dance, self-surrender which transcends fashion as you and reflects; fashion glide you into the arms of another. Dance is the beauty of the body regardless of gender, Fashion Stefanie Renoma is the elegance of a woman who is freed equality. It is under the eye of Frederick the Monceau Stefanie Renoma obsessions were highlighted and presented with wonderful choreographer participation Redha Benteifour "... this is a rare encounter, so important to me, young it made me want to dance, as a generation."

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