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CREATIVE DOOR presented in creative luxury World
Kristofer Kongshaug's vision is the definition of contrast living. Haute Couture tailoring combined with luxury street-fashion and the avant-garde. Kristofer Kongshaug proposes a unexpected silhouette in perfect accordance with the brand. The craftmanship and design of each piece is evident and never stops at its facade. During Paris Men's Fashion Week, Kristofer Kongshaug presented a line of unisex sneakers. Made from the finest leathers, handpicked in Italy.

Paris based premium men’s scarf label ATLD (A Three Legged Dog) distinguishes itself with freshness and non-conformism in the "DIY” (Do It Yourself) spirit of this generation. By combining tradition and modernity, quality and limited quantity, French craftsmanship and modern Pop influences, ATLD  blows a new wind into men’s fashion accessories.  The label offers unique high-quality items, loaded with history and savoir faire, by presenting different ways to see and wear scarfs. ATLD offers rare and exclusive goods and blurs the lines between street wear and luxury. ATLD is presented by the Creative Door Sales Showroom.

Creative Door is happy to announce the collaboration with Paris based designer Simoné Sauvage. The designer dresses the women of today. She, who dares to be free, claims her ambitions and rejects any comparison. A woman who does not adapt to a man's code but invests in her own being. The SS14 pre-collection has been presented at the Creative Door Sales Showroom during Men's Fashion Week in Paris. Simoné Sauvage will be available at the Creative Door Sales & Press showroom.

During Paris Men's Fashion Week, CREATIVE DOOR presented The CREATIVE DOOR SALES SHOWROOM (spring-summer 2014 men's and pre-womens & accessories collections). Please click here to view the sales collections and here to request further information.

The feeling behind Tamara Akcay's pre collection; Fatal Abstractions, is one of disillusion. Inspired by the vanished petals of a flower which is set up to appear bright, colorful and alive. Yet the flower becomes pale, shapeless and non existent. It is a catharsis of life itself. The collection has pieces for both men and women. Each piece is handmade and a true piece of art.

Door Studios hosted the one day exhibition: FÈTICHE, by creative director Jules Couartou. FÈTICHE is his most personal project so far, a visual display consisting of 20 snapshots portraying a evolution in design. It is also the first outline of work dedicated to develop and enhance collaborations with different worlds.
The iconic NY bags label; BOYY kicked off with their permiere collection in Spring/Summer 2006, leaving a buzz ever since. The quintessential BOYY style combines steadfast spirit with an undeniably unique edge; offering versatile handbags season after season. With the opening of the BOYY flagship store in Bangkok, the BOYY lifestyle experience is presented in the form of a concept store, a boutique and the already famous BOYY CAFé.

Creative Door

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