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#CortoMoltedo SS15 accessories
  The Light & Stormy collection draws inspiration from the flickering colors of the Italian summer. From the hot pink sunrise over the hills of Tuscany to the dark pale blue of the roaring Mediterranean, we bring new hues and minimal designs.

    While our classic Priscillas and Susans are crafted in revamped combinations of color-blocks and interwoven textures, we introduce the Bonbon - a lean medium-sized shoulder bag in calfskin with a clasp closure. Graciously feminine in its curved lines and golden shoulder chain and details, it features two lateral zips and internal pleated foldings in white goat that expand to accomodate all the essentials of a lady on the move. When the foldings are closed, the Bonbon turns into an elegant cocktail bag. Plus, the signature portable mirror that comes with each Corto helps any retouch to switch from a day to night look smoothly.

Corto Moltedo is proud to present a preview of the SS15 collection.
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#Corto Moltedo
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