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CONQUISTADOR the future of fashion label in NOT JUST A LABEL
Inspired by the use of technology primary as the only tool for human
communication and the disconnection between real and ideal, Conquistador
AW11 collection is a short trip around points in history were brutality
and insecurity was the motivation for atrocious acts of power, made by
beautiful people in all corners of the world, only to gain control and
immortality. Natural leather embroidered,
intricate handmade details, cotton shoe laces and strong thick zippers
accessorize the tops and leather jackets with de-touchable parts where
the garment can be totally changed, giving the wearer multiple options
for fresh styling results each time he choose to wear it.
Made exclussivelly in cotton, leather and gabardine materials, the
collection is easy to pack, strong on impact.
Hand made leather bags, worn in multiple ways, wallets and neck or hand
accesories complete the total Conquistador Look. Based on the
enchantment of the male physique the lines are sharp and the cut is
precise, elongating the silhouette into new proportions and erotic
results. Color black is the key, with red, royal green and tan grey as
the color flashes that deliver a desirable, easy to wear, contemporary

NOT JUST A LABEL apresent Conquistador

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