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Colors of Fall 2014 Women’s Fashion and Watches by #Gevril

Fashion designers are like artists, using a palette of colors and textures in creation of collections for the seasons. Fall is on its way into town, and if you’re expecting oranges, forget it. Autumn is wearing a whimsical wardrobe of hues that are quite surprising and romantic. Look to dress yourself up in fun colors including neutrals, brights and metallics. Fashion ensembles also include accessories, such as jewels and watches, that get the same fanciful and artistic treatment.

Prada and DVF Fall 2014 Women's Fashion Runway Shows


Sangria isn’t just a drink you order when you feel like a Spanish cocktail. It’s a color Elie Saab rocked on the runway in this pantsuit with a peplum flair matched with shoes highlighted in the same color. Why not finish off the look with the matching Ferragamo Gancino watch wrapped around your wrist? In a classic Ferragamo Gancino IP gold case, it features a Gancino-patterned dial and leather strap, both in the sangria hue.

Elie Saab   Ferragamo Gancino
Elie Saab   Ferragamo FP5030013 Gancino


Neutral colors are one of the names of the game to be ready for the brisk autumn air. Valentino presented this gorgeous sleeveless floor length embroidered gown. It’s both elegant and bold with the careful placement of the embroidery on the see-through top. Neutrals can be wild too, as seen in this spicy and glamorous Glam Rock GR10521D Miami Python timepiece. Glittering with diamonds, the leather python-patterned strap would give some contrasting pizzazz to this look.

Valentino   Glam Rock Miami
Valentino   Glam Rock GR10521D Miami Python


Carven proved mustard is a versatile color not just meant for a condiment. This matching skirt and top sports a below the knee look. It manages to avoid being too stuffy by embellishing with zippers and a leopard pattern on the collar and shirt pockets. The Hush Puppies Orbz complements the design gracefully. In a stainless steel round case, the silver dial has golden numerals and a leather strap in just the right color to fit fall.

Carven   Hush Puppies Orbz
Carven   Hush Puppies HP.3752L.2510 Orbz


Givenchy glammed up this cognac colored dress with the same color fur collar. Not one but two belts give the piece dimension. One at the waist matches the dress, while the other swiveling at the hips contrasts in a mocha color. Ferragamo has the perfect accessory with the Ferragamo Buckle. Here again the famous Gancino mark, in a different style, would elevate an outfit with its IP gold Gancino-shaped case and lush patterned brown dial that finishes off with a matching brown strap.

Givenchy   Ferragamo Buckle
Givenchy   Ferragamo FG5060014 Buckle


Elie Saab shows his penchant for the peplum again with another pantsuit, this time in the dusky and romantic mauve color. A similar color fur stole with contrasting black color on the shoulders drapes lushly around the model’s shoulders, adding both tone and textural contrast. Johan Eric obviously wasn’t designing for Elie Saab, but the brand could have been. The Johan Eric JE2100-09-001.9 Herlev Slim watch looks like it was made to go with this ensemble. From its identical colored strap, diamond-enhanced dial and its slim figure, the watch is the sweet icing on the cake.

Elie Saab   Johan Eric JE2100-09-001.9 Herlev Slim
Elie Saab   Johan Eric JE2100-09-001.9 Herlev Slim


Sangria isn’t the only red available in this season’s oeuvre. Versace shows its rock-n-roll edge in this meshed and sequined fringe dress that ties together formal and dance club. It could be easily paired with this yummy furry coat, which switches environments with as much ease. Versace has the answer for your watch too. The cranberry Versace Vanity shows two looks with a dial that combines Roman numerals with a studded bezel. Dial color matches the strap, on which the famed Medusa head appears on two studs.

Versace   Versace Vanity
Versace   Versace P5Q80D800 S0800 Vanity

Aurora Red

Another great accompaniment option is the red Glam Rock Bal Harbour. Adding some sport to the glamour element, this chronograph comes in an IP gold case with Roman numeral white dial. The punchy red strap caps the argument for autumn.

Versace   Glam Rock Bal Harbour
Versace   Glam Rock GR77136 Bal Harbour

Royal Blue

Ferragamo calls on Royal blue in this slightly mysterious turtleneck dress with accenting belt. The outfit is ready to transition from indoors to out paired with a long cape-like jacket that flows to the knees. Dip into Ferragamo’s accessory treasure chest to accessorize with the Ferragamo FG3040014 Gancino Deco. Styling a similar colored blue geometric dial with Arabic and diamond-studded baton numerals, the watch is a winner with its matching strap studded with the famed Gancino.

Ferragamo   Ferragamo Gancino Deco
Ferragamo   Ferragamo FG3040014 Gancino Deco

Peacock Blue

Versace goes full on peacock blue here in sporty suede pants featuring the Medusa studs paired with a turtleneck. Hitting at the waist, the similar colored furry coat provides a dressy element. Remember this is Versace so the coat still retains that rebellious touch. All that’s left to do is accessorize the wrist with a JOWISSA AJ2.011.M Roma Colori. Here the black hour indexes set against the white dial backdrop act as the bezel. That blue strap is right on target to complete the fashion forward fall look.

Versace   JOWISSA Roma Colori
Versace   JOWISSA J2.011.M Roma Colori

It may be shifting from summer to autumn and outside, and it may be less shiny and bright, but dressing and accessorizing will make for a fall season awash in artistic color.

Fall 2014 Fashion Color Palette
Fall 2014 Fashion Color Palette
by #Gevril Group
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