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#colette news septembre is luxury
Neverland Lost - 1 septembre au 4 octobre - 1

Neverland Lost - 1 septembre au 4 octobre - 1   Neverland Lost - 1 septembre au 4 octobre - 2   Neverland Lost - 1 septembre au 4 octobre - 3 Henry Leutwyler, a Swiss-born photographer based in New York, presents the Michael Jackson myth through the iconic gloves and other personal items from the Neverland Ranch which were put up for auction. These pictures help us to see the inner turmoil of one of the greatest artists of all time, caught between a public persona and a sequestered private life. Meet and greet plus signing of the book (published by Steidl) September 3, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Palm Angels - 1 septembre au 4 octobre
Palm Angels - 1 septembre au 4 octobre - 1 Through large photographs of skaters in Venice and Manhattan Beach, Palm Angels is an exhibit on the Los Angeles skateboarding scene, still alive and well despite the recent demise of the legendary Jay Adams. Meet and greet plus signing of the book (published by Rizzoli, introduction by Pharrell Williams) September 27, from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. EVENT /

Vogue Fashion Night Out
Vogue Fashion Night Out - 1   Vogue Fashion Night Out - 2   Vogue Fashion Night Out - 3 Tuesday, September 17 from 6 p.m. until 10 p.m. colette once again takes part in Vogue Fashion Night Out. A special meet and greet with the four authors of How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are: Anne Berest, Audrey Diwan, Caroline de Maigret and Sophie Mas. These long-time friends tell you all about Paris and show you what you need to know about style, beauty, culture, attitude and men, unvarnished, straightforward, breaking the myths, divulging all their tips and favorite addresses.

On the occasion of the new AM1 watch, made in France, March LA.B offers a limited edition Automatique of only 10 copies, exclusively for colette, coated with dark black and peppered with subtle touches of blue.
Finally, the video artist Pierre Debusschere will unveil his #254Foulards project, where each scarf is unique. STYLE /

LA basket CHANEL
LA basket CHANEL - 1   LA basket CHANEL - 2   LA basket CHANEL - 3     A wardrobe staple, sneakers are now runway material too. That’s the case at Chanel, where Karl Lagerfeld created them in luxurious materials while keeping their most famous technical feature: the thick rubber sole, but with THE added detail of the iconic double C printed on the sole. Available at colette from September 8.

Versus by Anthony Vaccarello
Versus by Anthony Vaccarello - 1   Versus by Anthony Vaccarello - 2     Anthony Vaccarello is teaming up with Versus, Versace’s second line, for a capsule collection that’s rock ‘n’ roll, sexy, dynamic and bold. In pre-release at colette just after his show in New York, from September 8th.

Crevettes !
Crevettes ! - 1   Crevettes ! - 2   Crevettes ! - 3     colette welcomes Shrimps, a recently launched brand founded by the English Hannah Weiland who delivers faux fur pieces that are colorful and fun!

Breakfast with Anya Hindmarch
Breakfast with Anya Hindmarch - 1   Breakfast with Anya Hindmarch - 2     Anya Hindmarch comes to colette for a Kellogg’s breakfast with Frosties, Coco Pops and Corn Flakes! Scoop: aside from the beautiful bags and clutches, real Anya Hindmarch x Frosties cereal boxes will be available … collector’s items!

Rahul Mishra
Rahul Mishra - 1   Rahul Mishra - 2   Rahul Mishra - 3 A young designer from India, Rahul Mishra is a new talent to keep an eye on … His unique style is based on the idea of luxurious but sustainable fashion. He uses merino wool, which is natural and biodegradable, having it woven and embroidered by hand, using artisanal methods in India. This season, he draws upon the work of the Dutch artist, M.C. Escher.

Phenomenon - 1   Phenomenon - 2   Phenomenon - 3 colette welcomes Japanese label Phenomenon. Inspired by streetwear, the designer Takeshi Osumi unveils a collection combining traditional tailoring and streetwear influenced design. Contrasting volumes, mix'n'match patterns, materials and colors that create a modern, urban wardrobe. COLLAB /

adidas Stan Smith x colette
adidas Stan Smith x colette - 1   adidas Stan Smith x colette - 2   adidas Stan Smith x colette - 3 Following our polka dot version, here's the Stan Smith exclusive Vintage in premium leather, all white: Less is more. A limited edition of 50 copies only, on sale September 10, in-store only.

Carel x colette
Carel x colette - 1   Carel x colette - 2 After having attracted Catherine Deneuve and Isabelle Huppert, the famous Marquis loafer by Carel, one of the brand’s iconic styles since 1974.  

Neverland Lost - 1 septembre au 4 octobre - 2   Neverland Lost - 1 septembre au 4 octobre - 3 
  Palm Angels - 1 septembre au 4 octobre - 1
 Vogue Fashion Night Out - 1   Vogue Fashion Night Out - 2   Vogue Fashion Night Out - 3
LA basket CHANEL - 1   LA basket CHANEL - 2   LA basket CHANEL - 3   
Versus by Anthony Vaccarello - 1   Versus by Anthony Vaccarello - 2   
  Crevettes ! - 1   Crevettes ! - 2   Crevettes ! - 3   
  Breakfast with Anya Hindmarch - 1   Breakfast with Anya Hindmarch - 2   
  Rahul Mishra - 1   Rahul Mishra - 2   Rahul Mishra - 3
Phenomenon - 1   Phenomenon - 2   Phenomenon - 3
adidas Stan Smith x colette - 1   adidas Stan Smith x colette - 2   adidas Stan Smith x colette - 3
  Carel x colette - 1   Carel x colette - 2
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