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Coal Vaults  is  a new restaurant and bar  set within  an historic space on Soho’s bustling
Wardour Street;  opening late August for dinner and drinks seven days a  week.  Originally used for
storing coal in the early 19th Century, the space has been restored to its former glory  using materials
from  copper,  timber,  steel,  and  old  London  stock  brickwork.  The  space  has  a   raw  feel  to  it  and
boasts five separate vaults for private dining as well as an intimate bar and dining room  with a total
capacity for 100 diners.

Founded  by  two  young  entrepreneurs  Simo  (Martyn  Simpson)  and  Felix  Leuschner,  the  duo  have
assembled  a strong team of rising stars.  Chef  Magnus Reid (The Rooftop Café) has consulted on the
menu  and  the  kitchen  operation  will  be  spearheaded  by  Chef  James  Knox  Boothman  (A  Little  of
What You Fancy, The French House, GRUB  at Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club);  working the bar
will be Jerome Slesinski (Unpackaged).

Address: 187b Wardour Street, London W1F 8ZB
Website: www.coalvaults.com
Bookings: info@coalvaults.com
Coal Vault Capacity: Three hold 6-8 people and two hold 10-12 people
Restaurant Seating Capacity: 100
Opening Times: Open seven days a week from 4pm-12.30pm

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