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Christophe Claret presents X-TREM-1 Pinball

Could it be the determination etched on its face? Or its performance-packed heart? Is it the eye-catching aesthetics? Or its fascinating fully integrated mechanism? Whatever the answer to such questions, Kantharos embodies a stunning blend of haute horlogerie expertise and high-tech precision. This mono-pusher chronograph with striking mechanism and constant force escapement asserts its own identity and reinvents the measurement of timing events.

Kantharos: a name carrying echoes of a bygone era, yet clearly ready to conquer the modern world. Its Greek-sounding origins endow it with instant mythical status. A stellar performer in the equestrian world, Kantharos, son of the renowned Coeur de Lion, is a thoroughbred with an outstanding track record. Kantharos is now destined to show the same energy in making its entrance onto the watchmaking scene. A king among chronographs and a force of nature, Kantharos features a constant-force escapement that ensures supreme precision. The automatic-winding chronograph's cathedral gong audibly chimes with each change of function – a concept invented and developed by Christophe Claret.


by Christophe Claret

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