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Christmas 2013, Joyful Obsession By Prada
For almost 150 years, Printemps has been the iconic Parisian place for Christmas festivities: inescapable window displays, fairy-tale lighting for its façade, an original and exclusive gift selection unveiled in the Boutique Noire, VIP services for its customers, the list goes on.

This year, as well as all of that, the department store wanted to celebrate Christmas in the purest tradition. That’s why for Christmas 2013, the department store has chosen to join forces with the Maison Prada, the symbol of the most modern slant on tradition.

Prada is re-interpreting and enchanting customers yet again at Printemps, with the essential and obsessional Christmas classics.

All the symbols of Christmas are invited to the party. They are multiplied, supersized, lit up, jostled and combined with iconic and fashionable elements from the two Maisons, for a modern and gleaming celebration. Giant Christmas trees, abundant gifts, exquisite spreads, dazzling lights, thousands of shoes: the Printemps department store sends out its invitation to discover the most modern of traditional Christmases.

Printemps and the Maison Prada celebrate Christmas like a "joyful obsession”.

Like the obsession of small children who wait excitedly for just one thing: when Santa Claus comes down the chimney. Like the obsession of adults who seek out the very best gifts. Like the obsession of Printemps and the Maison Prada, which join together this year to create the most beautiful scenes, in which an incredible Christmas of creativity, glamour and cheer is set to happen!

Designed in the pure tradition of Christmas, the façades of the Printemps Haussmann department store showcase the magic of Christmas Eve, the obsession of small children. Carried by his legendary reindeer, in a smouldering scattering of stars and snowflakes, Santa Claus takes off into the sky on his 16-metre sleigh and glides along the emblematic red ribbon of the Maison Prada that is draped elegant-ly across the façade. More than 150 brightly lit stars and snowflakes twinkle to the constant sweeping of thousands of sparkles that enhance the magical fairyland scene.

The "Joyful Obsession” Christmas designed in association with the Maison Prada takes shape in the 11 window displays at the Printemps department store on boulevard Haussmann, where tradition and originality mingle for a truly exceptional Christmas. All the traditional Christmas symbols such as gifts, confectionary, Santa Claus, Christmas trees, baubles and snow are revisited and re-interpreted infinitesimally. They are combined together in a multiplicity of elements, or supersized across four anima-ted window displays and seven snow-covered fashion and accessory window displays.

Bears for the little ones

A Prada favourite, because it was featured in the first store which opened in Milan in 1913, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, the checked pattern is the architectural element found in all the window displays. It is presented in different shades of varnished mirrors to accentuate the diversity of the elements within.

And to underscore the idea of a nostalgic childhood Christmas, the two Maisons have chosen to showcase a symbol that has long been presented by Prada: the teddy bear. There are 80 of these lovable and amusing bears dotted throughout the four scenes presented in the animated window displays: they entertain around with decorations and mini-accessories in the "Galleria” which has been rebuilt for the occasion. Using needles and threads, they dress a giant doll in what seems to be a couture workshop. They start singing in a chorus while indulging in a host of confectionary on the roof of Printemps, created from gingerbread; and they finally enjoy a series of winter sports in a window display that features chairlifts, ski tows, sleds, skiers and other climbers.

Fashion at the heart of Christmas

In the window displays given over to Fashion, all the traditional Christmas elements are over-exaggerated: an immense mass of gold and silver Christmas baubles is suspended in the air revealing pieces of jewellery; the floor is filled up with multi-coloured gifts; a heap of brightly-lit Christmas trees invade the space and spill over onto boulevard Haussmann; Santa Claus is surrounded by his elves; an almost five-metre Christmas table is laid with Christmas food, crystal, silverware and porcelain; stockings hung by the chimney are reinterpreted with a selection of iconic shoes from the Maison Prada; and to finish, a sports car is completely covered in twinkling fairy lights.


The symbol of the partnership between these two historic Maisons, Prada and Printemps, is a unique motif creation by Prada, illustrating the interpretation of Christmas 2013, "Joyful Obsession”. Attracting all the attention, the sophisticated, modern and energetic Prada woman is adorned with jewels and accessories that she layers on in an obsessional and surrealist style. On her head is a fanciful collection of the most beautiful red roses and snowflakes of all sizes, bestowing a very unique form of elegance that comes straight

from Prada’s imagination. The marble floor recalls the two-colour check from Prada’s heritage store, the "Galleria”, opened in 1913 by the grandfather of Miuccia Prada, Mario Prada, in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan. In the background, above the Christmas trees and under a starry sky worthy of the most beautiful Italian Renaissance painters, the sun sets over the domes and emblematic façade of Printemps, standing like a beacon in a endless story, the one that tells of Christmas magic.

In the heart of the department store, the Atrium is transformed, and just for Christmas, in the traditional and surrealist re-interpretation of the legendary Prada store "Galleria” in Milan, playing host to all of the products designed by the Maison Prada exclusively for Printemps.

The walls take the form of Advent calendars, in the style of traditional Italian house façades and are covered with 1,200 lamps, like the carousels of yore, and featuring check patterns in mirrors. The open windows offer glimpses of dreamlike films, animated mannequins or gift boxes covered with Prada Saffiano leather.

Designed using the layering of five lamp techniques such as starflash or carousel fairy lights, Christmas trees towering 11 metres high interplay with the accumula-tion of white light and lead the space into an obsessional and fairy-tale universe. The floor is a nod to the "Galleria” in marble check, the supersized furniture and windows are made with vintage wood, like the shops of yesteryear.

The Carillon is the centrepiece: the music box, produced exclusively for Printemps, enhances the room. It opens up around a surprising black and white staircase which presents a dancer on a musical background who turns around on the spot.
Printemps and the Maison Prada celebrate Christmas like a joyful obsession. Like the obsession of small children who wait excitedly for just one thing: when Santa Claus comes down the chimney. Like the obsession of adults who seek out the very best gifts. Like the obsession of Printemps and the Maison Prada, which join together this year to create the most beautiful theatres inside which an incredible Christmas of creativity, glamour and cheer is set to happen!

The Santa Claus Shopper

Santa Claus Shopper can answer all your questions concerning the purchase of gifts at Printemps. Whether it involves preparing a visit to the store, helping to find ideas, ma-king a selection of gifts, delivering gifts to the buyer or directly to the lucky recipients...

Printemps gift card

For those who aren’t sure and want to spread joy without getting it wrong, Printemps offers its "Joyful Obsession” Christmas gift card. It may be credited for amounts up to €2 000, and gives access to the most beautiful fashion, luxury, beauty and design brands. It can be used in all Printemps stores, and is valid for a year after its issue date.

Hands-free shopping

For maximum efficiency and total comfort, Printemps offers its "Hands-Free Shopping” service, which allows you to group all your purchases together in one place and pay for them in one go. No need to weigh yourself down with parcels, the Printemps Haussmann deposit office is open 24/7 so it is the perfect service to leave or collect your purchases at any time of the day.

No more parking problems: Printemps offers a car valet service at the entrance to its car park, where you just leave your car and keys.


Christmas at Printemps also means a multitude of spectacular decorations. Christmas trees with baubles, sparkling tinsel, not forgetting gift-wrap and ribbons, Christmas is without a doubt the most fairy tale time of year.


Created in the 1970s, the Boutique Noire is a leading light in Paris for its original and surprising Christmas gifts. Laid out like a contemporary loft, in an open space spanning 350m², the boutique showcases its selection of rare products through a welcoming sensory experience. The product selection has been designed very ins-tinctively, expressing a new desire to please others and yourself, through a unique experience bringing in sensory awareness. Luxury aims to be "experimental” and the Boutique Noire is the perfect place for exceptional gourmet, olfactory, visual, tactile and auditory sensations.

To help animate this new service, the boutique is hosting a series of unique events such as wine and luxury olive oil tastings, olfactory "blind tests”, engraving workshops, temporary tattoo applications, and molecular cocktail or cake decora-tion classes. As far as the mysterious sixth sense is concerned, often associated with feminine intuition, it is also given a voice with a selection of incredible and extraordinary products.

Printemps and the Maison Prada celebrate Christmas like a
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