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Chef Nicolas Sale to run legendary kitchens at the @_RitzParis
The Ritz Paris has announced the appointment of talented Chef Nicolas Sale to oversee its legendary cuisine. In preparation for a reopening in Autumn 2015 after an unprecedented restoration, the grand hotel on Place Vendome is continuing the tradition of culinary excellence that was dear to its founder Cesar Ritz and executed by his friend and partner August Escoffier, the father of modern gastronomy. 
Chef Sale, who has earned a total of four Michelin stars for his restaurants in Courchevel, has been described by the Guide Michelin as a “transmitter of emotion.” He joins the Ritz Paris in its commitment to preserve and renew the French art de vivre that lives on in the spirit of Cesar Ritz.

Still in command of the kitchens at the restaurants Kilimandjaro and K2 in Courchevel until the end of the season, Chef Sale will soon return to his native Paris where he studied with Senderens, Gagnaire, Philippe Legendre at V and at the Meurice and Lucas Carton. In 2006, Chef Sale obtained his first Macaron from the Guide Michelin for the cuisine of Monte Cristo at l’Hotel du Castellet and then a second at Les Pecheurs in Cap d’Antibes.  He then rose to the summit of Courchevel with his four stars. “For Chef Nicolas Sale, expressing the quintessence of the best products seems to be a calling. Quality of ingredients, harmony and creativity of recipes, technique and beauty of presentations: totally seductive,” wrote Michelin. “His sources of inspiration: nature, a place, a moment. Travel. And above all listening to clients.”

Chef Nicolas Sale Ritz Paris
For 117 years, the Ritz Paris legend has evolved, celebrating the past as it has embraced the future. With this appointment, a young and passionate Chef, a rising star of French gastronomy, will help the Ritz Paris continue to build a brilliant future.

Anita Cotter
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