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@Chaumet invites you to the exhibition "Resonances", 12 place Vendôme

Chaumet flagship is the place to view the surprising and graphic works of the artist Loris Cecchini. The event is a celebration of his collaboration with the Maison Chaumet, which has given rise to a new interpretation of the Class One watch. 

Class One becomes, in a limited edition, a monochromatic watch with a unique motif evoking the undulations of water, a central theme in the work of the artist: “Wallwave vibration”.

In the work of Loris Cecchini

(born in Milan, 1969. Living in Berlin), photography, drawing, sculpture and installation combine to form a unified poetics, the cardinal element of which is transfiguration.

The subjects that appear in his work include multiple collages and detailed architectural models, objects in rubber, reinvented caravans and tree houses, structurally distorted spaces, and prismatic, transparent covers and surfaces.

The variety and morphology of the elements constantly interrelate in a continuous alternating process of deconstruction and reconstruction located in the interchange between the physical reality of the materials and a virtualized presence.

Amongst his latest creations, the artist has reinterpreted the phenomenic appearance of waves in a series of sculptural monochromatic works:

“Wallwave vibration”.

The sculptures, which are deceptively still at first glance, seem to vibrate on the surface of the wall that holds them. These unique creations come to life through the modulated frequency and intensity of the vibrating wave.

His work is hailed around the world and has been presented in many personal shows, as well as numerous collective and international events, from the Palais de Tokyo in Paris to the MoMa PS1 in New-York.

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