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Charlie de Lancel Collection

Made in Italy from authentic buffalo leather belonging to a French tannery, Charlie is inspired by a piece from the Maison’s archives dating back to the 1960s.

A bag with unique masculine/feminine lines. Both structured and supple, its appearance changes if its belt is worn open or closed. Edged in black, its form stands out boldly, with no other adornment but a guilloche clasp under a flap.

http://www.lancel.com/images/charlie_collection/bg_bloc_1.jpgBuffalo leather tanned in Espelette in the heart of the Basque region. This leather requires specific expertise in the leather cutting. It benefits from the expertise of French tanning craftsmanship. The natural grain of the buffalo leather is enhanced by a special process of creasing. The finishing and barely leather covered create a two-tone effect.

This full-grained leather has a distinctive identity: the way the bag falls comes from the leather’s fullness and thickness. Over time, the leather will live and soften. Different grains of leather on a single bag or between two different bags are an integral part of this leather’s nature; it is a leather which requires specific expertise to cut. Every skin is unique so every bag is too.

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