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Skincare visionary Hervé Herau has a special talent for profoundly improving the appearance of skin. “Beautiful skin is bright, radiant skin,” Hervé repeats frequently. His catch phrase is an obvious one, but there’s a mystery surrounding Hervé: He never seems to fall short of his promise to restore radiance to each of his clients, Carine Roitfeld included. “His approach works well for my skin, but just as well for my mental state,” Carine says. “He leaves me in the most serene mood and at peace with myself. I love it and I’ve become completely addicted!” Though we can only speak from our own overwhelmingly positive experience, we’re willing to bet that by the end of this story you’ll pick up the phone to make an appointment with Hervé.

To start at the very beginning, Hervé’s motivation for treating skin began with an unfortunate accident during a routine treatment that left him with scarring on his face. Fueled by his desire for an effective solution, Hervé devoted each waking moment to finding a miraculous method for healing skin.

He’ll never reveal his formula, but we can vouch for Hervé’s brand of miracle, which he’s named ‘The Way of Alchemy.’ “You must feel and experience it yourself (after a treatment you can see the difference). My products have unique recipes with high quality, organic ingredients. Therefore, it is not a simple mixture, but a healing concoction that’s antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, and with a fabulous skin cell immunizer,” he explains. In his luxurious and discreet setting, you’ll already begin to feel like you’re miles away from the city center and the toxins that live there. Like an artist more than an aesthetician, Hervé gets to work using treatments that are uniquely tailored to the individual patient—so much so, that he never repeats a single one of his restorative mixtures.

The combination of each “mixture” and the pressure from his magic touch (a pleasant sensation indeed), is just the beginning. His method is about going even further to detect emotional or organic damage, as well as any type of blockage throughout the body. Essentially, he’s able to intuitively know, without asking questions, what your skin will require to return back to its natural beauty. His goal is to reestablish a link with the energy of your inner being.

After this treatment is underway, your subconscious will pick up on Hervé’s healing message, leaving you in a state of utter harmony. You’ll notice a difference, not just with your skin, but with your general state of well-being. If we haven’t sold you already, we should note that these groundbreaking results are continuous and long term. Time to make an appointment?

Find more information at herveherau.com or purchase his products at Colette.fr.
Photograph Alexandra Utzmann
Still Life Photograph Sophie Tajan
Words Ray Siegel

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