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Expect a Kardashian, Kanye, and Kristen Stewart Photography Michael Avedon and Karl Lagerfeld, CR Fashion Book Issue 6Carine and Style.com’s Nicole Phelps had a moment to catch up during the couture shows in Paris last week. After declaring Anna Cleveland to be one of our leading jolie laide ladies (it’s the theme of Issue 6), Carine gave up some of the rest of the cast. “The whole issue will be around this idea of jolie laide—not just about the beauty, but about fashion, about pictures, about something that is more interesting. I think it’s a very good sign for women because we are not all perfect. I made a long story about Michael Avedon; I asked him to do my ugly beauties, in a way,” Carine revealed. “He did the portfolio of ‘jolie laide’ and it is not easy to photograph a star and make her not as beautiful as people expect her to be. I think he did it in a very smart way; he is a very smart person.”

“And to make some more surprise, you know, of course I am still very faithful to the Kardashians because I started with Kim,” Carine told her. “It was a good thing for her and it was a good thing for me—look at where she is now. So I still wanted someone from the Kardashian family in my magazine. It is not her, it is the younger sister. Kylie. I think she has a very interesting face. And Kayne will be part of this issue, too.”

She also referenced a third, equally famous “K” name that day. Kristen Stewart was photographed by Karl Lagerfeld for our upcoming issue, so Carine became acquainted with the shy actress for the first time. “If she does not know you, sometimes she is very insecure. It is strange, but sometimes you are very beautiful and very insecure. We all dream to be actresses—we all want to be Nicole Kidman and Angelina Jolie, but are they more happy than us? I’m not sure. It is difficult to be an actress, because when you are an actress, you can’t age. In fashion it is not easy, either, but usually I am not in front of the camera, I am behind, so it is easier for me. I think every beauty needs something weird—a little error or it’s not beautiful.”

Read the rest of Carine’s conversation with Phelps on Style.com—and stay tuned to CRFashionbook.com for more sneak peeks at our sixth Fashion Book, coming to newsstands near you in March.

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