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Calling All Bombshells! Shop Macy's "Marilyn MonroeTM" Collection
Today, fans of Marilyn Monroe's legendary style can officially shop the starlet's eponymous apparel collection exclusively at 150 Macy's stores and on macys.com/mstylelab. The new line will offer those who covet Marilyn Monroe's coquettish style a combination of flirty and sweet looks that remain true to her iconic aesthetic. The collection, created by Authentic Brands Group and LF USA, will be sold within a Marilyn-inspired shop in Macy's Mstylelab department, offering customers an up-close look at the starlet's personality revealed through photography, music and custom displays.
To further enhance customers' shopping experiences, Macy's has created specially-made Marilyn Monroe shops within the Mstylelab department to bring Marilyn to life in a visual way that aligns with the young, flirty DNA of both Marilyn and the collection. The Marilyn Monroe shops are meant to represent a storied narrative, with every design element taking its cue from something authentic to her, including filmstrip fixturing with two famous Marilyn quotes, a pink, oval table trimmed in diamonds inspired by her personal dressing table and white high-gloss mannequins made to be in Marilyn's iconic hands on hip pose. In addition, ballet bars curved just like her famous figure, imagery of her iconic lips as a graphic stamp and inspirational "Marilynisms" fill the shop. A video montage was even crafted from her most gorgeous images and videos, all used to romance the experience.
The Estate of Marilyn Monroe is a subsidiary of and managed by Authentic Brands Group. For more information about the Marilyn Monroe collection exclusively at Macy's, please visit macys.com/pressroom. Macy's customers can shop the collection today by visiting macys.com/mstylelab.
New Marilyn Monroe shop designed by Macy's in collaboration with Howard Ash Inc. Shop the exclusive ...

Shop now for the Marilyn Monroe collection, available only at Macy's; Dress $69.50. (Photo: Business Wire)http://mms.businesswire.com/bwapps/mediaserver/ViewMedia?mgid=362096&vid=5

New Marilyn Monroe shop designed by Macy's in collaboration with Howard Ash Inc. Shop the exclusive collection at 150 Macy's stores and on macys.com today. (Photo: Business Wire)

by Macy's
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