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BRIGGO this is a new coffee experience
Briggo Inc., the company that empowers people to create their perfect cup of coffee, today unveiled its new intelligent Coffee Haus at The University of Texas in Austin. The Coffee Haus combines smartphone control and precision robotic technology with the best in artisan coffee to revolutionize the coffee experience. The new iconic Coffee Haus design features real-time order status and a peek at Briggo's patented robotics, which are precisely calibrated to deliver a full menu of specialty coffees. Customers tune and pre-order personalized drinks via the Briggo smartphone experience and obtain their perfect drink when expected, eliminating the long waits and variability typical of standard coffee shops. 
To select, tune and order your perfect cup online or learn more about Briggo, please visit Briggo.com. For the most up-to-date news and offers, please follow Briggo on Facebook at www.facebook.com/DrinkBriggo and on Twitter @DrinkBriggo. 


Coffee Haus, a new coffee ordering experience for Briggo, designed by Yves Béhar.
by Briggo
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