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Bridgestone teams up with Saroléa electric superbike
DNABridgestone – the number one tyre and rubber manufacturer in the world – has formed a technical partnership with Saroléa, the Belgian motorcycle brand and designer of the Saroléa SP7 electric superbike, revealed for the first time on 26th April at the Mettet circuit in Belgium during the Speed Trophy. Under the deal, Bridgestone will provide technical support and tyre expertise for Saroléa’s track testing and ambitious racing plans which debut in 2014.

Proving that green doesn’t mean slow, the agile electric machine shifts from 0 to 100 kph in 2.8 seconds, on its way to 250 kph at full throttle. To harness this power Bridgestone will fit the SP7 with Battlax V02 racing slicks, constructed with its latest “GP belt” technology. Saroléa’s 2014 racing agenda includes the TT Zero Challenge at the Isle of Man TT series, the world’s most prestigious motorcycle races, and the FIM eRoadRacing world cup series.

The partnership initiative is seeded from Bridgestone’s commitment to a future with sustainable mobility. This is underpinned by the Corporation’s long-term environmental vision which focuses on ecological conservation, resource conservation and reduction of CO2 emissions.

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