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BOIS 1920

BOIS 1920Your next travel companion could be one of three new travel sets from Bois 1920: „Oltremare“, „Dolce di Giorno“ and „Sushi Imperiale“. The respective travel set is presented in the Signature Bois 1920 box and includes three 17 ml atomizers as well as a noble travel bag with drawstring. Extremely practical and simply gorgeous for travelling.

For extended excursions into the world of dreams, I’d like to recommend the three new fragrances also from the Florentine BOttega Italiana Spigo.

Spigo 1920

It all started in 1920, when Guido, the grandfather of today's perfumer
and creator, began around Florence to develop fragrance recipes using
the finest lavender from Tuscany. The fragrance reflects the Garden of Dreams,
which tells of the warm ethereal nature and reflects the magic of the forests
of this beautiful Tuscan countryside.


A perfume that is reminiscent of white sandy beaches, cool drinks and
unforgettable nights.A perfume good enough to eat, a sensual gourmet
perfume. Aethereus combines the aroma of delicate soft coconut ice cream
and the finest white chocolate with bamboo water, sparkling pear and
coconut milk. Refined with orange, cedar, delicate mimosa and
white roses, it becomes a true sensory pleasure.

Verde di Mare

Verde di Mare, a perfume that lets us dream of travelling and reflects
the unspoiled nature. A tribute to the turquoise sea, where blue and
green merge to become the magic of turquoise. Right from the start,
the fragrance offers a concentrated dose of citrus chords that combine
freshness and sensuality. The aroma of cool spices along with sparkling
sea notes and a touch of Fleur de Sel… Verde di Mare is reminiscent of
sunny beaches and the magic of a sunset over the sea.

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Aus Liebe zum Duft

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